Alpha Motors Superwolf: Electric Crew Cab Pickup with Price Tag

Alpha Motors has not yet built a prototype, but is constantly releasing new model designs. The Superwolf now presented is an e-pickup with a large cab.

When Alpha Motors will finally present a drivable prototype is open. The Californian electric car start-up has already presented a number of models, including the retro coupé Alpha Ace , its four-door off-road version Jax CUV and the pickup Wolf in single-cab version . Now the Alpha engineers are drilling out the wolf into a super wolf. Its crew cab is the most striking identifying feature.

Crew cab with travel space in the second row

Pick-ups are available with only one row of seats, which means that their cab is called a single cab in English-speaking countries. Variants with two rows of seats are called Double Cab, Quad Cab and Crew Cab. Like the Single Cab, the Double Cab has only two doors and the rear row of seats offers little legroom. The quad cab version is equipped with four doors, but the rear doors are shortened - in line with the limited legroom in the second row. Only the crew cab variant offers four doors and, even in the second row, legroom suitable for long-distance journeys. Alpha Motors has opted for the comfortable crew cab design when expanding its Wolf pick-up model into the Superwolf.

Significantly larger than the Wolf

Compared to the Wolf, the Superwolf not only has the larger cabin, it is also larger overall and also more robust. With a length of 5.45 meters, a width of two and a height of 1.76 meters, it is 69 centimeters longer, seven centimeters wider and eight centimeters higher than its smaller brother. The length of the loading area remains the same at 1.65 metres. There are no statements on performance data yet, but while the Wolf, for example, achieves a maximum of 1,360 kilograms of traction in the discipline that is important for pick-ups, the Superwolf pulls away 3,050 kilograms. Like the wolf, it is equipped with two electric motors, each driving an axle. The four-wheel drive is said to sprint to 60 miles per hour (96.6 km/h) in 6.5 seconds. Alpha Motors specifies the range as 443 to 483 kilometers.


Outdoor upgrade options

Like the wolf, Alpha Motors also offers the Superwolf with lots of outdoor upgrade options. These include a robust tubular roof rack with an equally robust plastic box, a roll bar element that protects the rear area of ​​the cabin, a light bridge with seven LED spotlights and an extendable loading bed.

If you want, you can pre-order the electric Superwolf now - for 48,000 dollars (currently the equivalent of around 40,614 euros). It is not yet known when the pick-up will be on the market.


The Alpha Motors Corporation is a cheeky start-up, as the abbreviation of the company name proves: AMC stood and still stands for the American Motors Corporation, which was dissolved in 1987, which, among other things, because of its somehow cool and incredibly unreliable models Pacer and Gremlin achieved streaky rum. Alpha Motors also shows a certain snotiness in its model presentations: the Californians are constantly showing new models - and so far they have not built a single one as a prototype.

The Alpha Superwolf is a fully-fledged electric pick-up with a towing capacity of 3,050 kilograms, which is a decent amount for an electric vehicle. As a crew cab, it also offers comfort to passengers in the second row on long journeys. The fact that the Superwolf can be upgraded with lots of outdoor accessories whets the appetite for the electric expedition vehicle. And the price of $48,000 seems low. Whether Alpha Motors will ever put a real car on the road at all is an open question.


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