Alfa Romeo Truck: The largest Scudetto in the world

Alfa Romeo Truck
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D as With its Italian design and an electric drive unit, the model will make life difficult for the competition from Tesla and Co.

A dream of a truck

The Alfa Romeo truck is only in the evil world a dream, a dream of a truck that the South Korean 3D draftsman conjured up into the real world using Photoshop. Taekang Lee just makes this a hobby. And he finds it exciting to cheer on traditional brands with new models. This is how an Alfa Romeo truck was created in painstakingly detailed work, also because the Italian brand has no commercial vehicle tradition at all - apart from a few vans.

In Lee's world, an Alfa truck must be recognizable at first glance his - with the gigantic Scudetto at the front, he succeeds without a doubt and completely overshadows the enormous grills from Audi or BMW. In chrome, the Scudetto forms the frame of the windshield, the grille surround and a stylistic element of the apron. The large Alfa logo is also emblazoned in the middle so that there is no doubt about the truck's origin. Which driver still needs an illuminated brand logo on the back wall of their cab?

The Quadrifoglio can also be seen

Only when you take a second look do the other Alfa quotes reveal themselves: the front apron comes from the Stelvio, as do the slightly modified headlights with LED daytime running lights.

Of course, the Italian truck is painted red, has the four-leaf clover 'Quadrifoglio' on the side and the distinctive fender shape of the Alfa SUV. The shape of the Scudetto can be found on the rear wall of the tractor.

And what is under the hood? Well, in a good world, the 40-ton Alfa truck is powered by a pure electric drive train that has a range of at least 1,000 kilometers and batteries with at least 1,000 kWh capacity. In a bad world, well, unfortunately it doesn't drive.


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