2021 Chevrolet Express Van: The 407 hp delivery van

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2021 Chevrolet Express Van
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You could think that the recently refreshed Mercedes Vito with 239 hp and a maximum of 500 (in overboost even 530) Newton meter strong turbo diesel is a Delivery van with a heavy punch ( m read more about it here ). But it's still a little harder. On the other side of the Atlantic one can only smile mildly at such values. Chevrolet, for example, currently offers its Express Van with up to 348 hp and 506 Newton meters from a six-liter V8 engine. And is of the opinion that that is far from enough - and that this engine, which according to their own statements about 70 percent of customers opted for, should be discarded.

6.6-liter V8 with 629 Nm

So for the 2021 model year, the GM brand is increasing the engine of the Express Van. On the one hand with the displacement, which will be 6.6 liters in the refreshed delivery van. And of course also in terms of power: the engine provides 407 hp in the configuration intended for the transporter (cargo van) and minibus (passenger van). The maximum torque even climbs to 629 Newton meters.

The announcement that the fat transporter will be equipped with an even thicker engine can also be interpreted as a counterattack to the plans of the big rival Ford. He announced a week ago that he wanted to offer the Transit in the USA and Canada in the future - with a purely electric drive train ( click here for the appropriate article ). Its technical data are not yet known, but should target similar areas as those of the new Chevrolet Express Van, which is due to come onto the market in late summer 2020.


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