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Youngtimer Bentley Turbo R: Sport and luxury cheaper than ever

Karl-Heinz Augustin
Bentley Turbo R - racing Rolls-Royce youngtimer
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It is a heavy steamer and you can tell by looking at it. The B entley Turbo R has the massive dimensions of an S-Class W140, its shape is angular like a brick, reminiscent of a mixture of the 78 Chevrolet Caprice and Ford Granada II. The crass signal red, it's called In the original “Vermilion”, ie cinnabar, the authority only apparently weakens the Bentley Turbo R.

At first it looks like a shot of Proll tuning in aristocratic blood, but it soon turns it into a noble one-off. Its values ​​for power and torque are as huge as its appearance, 335 hp and 620 Newton meters pushing forward powerfully. There is something unstoppable in his rocky grille face, as if to say: 'Let me through, I have to save the world.'

The Chippendale Salon

It would be the Bentley Turbo R , because despite its 20-liter consumption and its abundant material battle, the ecological balance would be positive. With good care, Red Baron will last a lifetime and save its owner at least ten mundane cars without a V8 and Connolly. He gives the luxury yacht on wheels, yes, even more, a timeless villa in strict Bauhaus architecture, but furnished with Chippendale on the inside. The Bentley Turbo R is full Contradictions, it seems out of date wasteful and is still sustainable. From some perspectives, Red Baron looks as angry as the Peterbilt 281 truck from the Spielberg shocker “Duel”, but is really nice to its passengers. It needs 335 hp to go just 225 km /h, a 300 E with 180 can do that. And from 15,000 euros, Red Baron is already in reasonable condition, it should be worth 50,000 euros.

Karl-Heinz Augustin
The Bentley Turbo R was launched in 1985 as a sportier version of the Mulsanne. The turbocharger and an additional output of around 135 hp did the sales good. Initially, the Turbo R still wore square headlights.

Ignition lock is on left

The bad face of the Bentley Turbo R is deceptive when you sit behind the unstyled, boring airbag steering wheel. He smells good, loves his driver and gives him a magnificent ambience with an excellent overview. He makes it as comfortable as possible for four passengers. The armchairs with the finest Connolly leather in the vanilla shade 'Magnolia' are quickly positioned. The ignition lock is on the left. If you turn the key, it's more than a start-up process. The engine is set in motion like a heavy diesel locomotive. The large-volume eight-cylinder under the long hood of the Bentley Turbo R spontaneously starts work with a quiet whisper. It is no coincidence that the impressive six and three-quarters liter V8 with the beautifully decorated valve covers looks like an aircraft engine. The Rolls-Royce construction with a central camshaft is of archaic simplicity.

Karl-Heinz Augustin
The 6.75-liter V8 made of light metal impresses with its even power delivery - and the power of 620 Nm.

When charged, the power increases by a hefty 135 hp, which sounds dangerous, but is a pleasure without regrets. The eternal life of this low-speed internal combustion engine is not affected. There are never any high engine speeds that promote wear and tear, the red area starts at 4,500 rpm. The three-speed automatic transmission of the type GM-400, controlled by the steering wheel lever, shifts quicklyalready high at 2,000 rpm. We are on the move quickly in the Red Baron, the landscape glides past the Bentley Turbo R like the window of a first-class compartment. The Bentley Turbo R is supposed to be the sporty interpretation of the Silver Spirit car, but you hardly hear anything, you hardly feel anything and you are meditatively so completely at home. 'Hello, is there someone up there in the engine room?' The gas pedal seems to ask before the kickdown comes.

Bentley Turbo R with linear speed increase

Only a sharper whisper is heard, before the extremely powerful acceleration presses you into the armchair. No starting weakness irritates, no turbo lag is annoying, linear increase in speed sets in until the air wall brakes the angular Bentley Turbo R. Supercharged large displacement is the real drive luxury without a consumption disadvantage: the tame 200-hp Mulsanne and Silver Spirit also need 20 liters.

In addition to the sovereign drive, there is a chassis that, thanks to its effort, has no choice but to smoothly cushion any unevenness. It also ensures that the Bentley Turbo R is as easy to drive as a 140 S-Class. So Red Baron is not such a heavy steamer, rather a large, agile speedboat.

This is how much a Bentley Turbo R costs

The market watcher Classic Analytics lists the Bentley Turbo R in state 2 19,000 euros (as of February 2018) - and thus 10,000 euros less than a year ago. Examples in condition 4 are around 6,800 euros - curiously, 1,600 euros higher than in the 12-month comparison.


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