Winter car for Jackass fans

Pontiac Firebird
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S a place is probably the worst of its time. The Pontiac Firebird, this gigantic, confusing five-meter ship offers about as much space as a VW Lupo and a trunk in Golf format. As a matter of politeness, we say about the rounded body with its narrow 215 tires: it takes a lot of getting used to. The Ami scores above all with its high level of crash safety and the driven rear rigid axle.

A big step towards doom

I consciously recommend the Pontiac Firebird with V6 engine, so that the risk of injury for the driver and passers-by is limited when the huge rear wing plows through snow and mud.

In the absence of weight on the For the rear axle, the standard all-season tires (Goodyear GT + 4) quickly reach their limits. If, for example, the four-speed automatic of the Pontiac Firebird shifts down under load in an uphill bend, the 148 hp of the high-torque V6 are enough to block through traffic for a few minutes.

The winter car for' Jackass 'fans

As a winter car, the Pontiac Firebird is only recommended for people who take their time in a snowstorm and on black ice. You will also need a little patience to scrape the ice off the large flat windows in the morning. And then night approaches, you occasionally have to free the pop-up headlights from frozen slush.

Conclusion: The Firebird is the winter car for 'Jackass' fans and other masochists. Even the chosen few who meet a Firebird on snowy roads have fun.

This is how much a Pontiac Firebird costs

If you are interested in a fourth generation Pontiac Firebird, you should reckon with around 3,000 euros for an everyday car. State 2 cars start at around 7,500 euros.


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