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VW Passat Variant
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Rappers have a hard time. For the production of a video alone, tons of gold jewelry, busloads of scantily clad girls and an armada of the thickest luxury sleighs in glitter outfits have to be organized. Moritz has it much easier there. Firstly, he is at the beginning of his musician career, a video production is still a long way off. Second, Moritz likes metal, not hip-hop, and a VW Passat Variant is the perfect sled.

Because his passion for electric guitars and double bass drum excesses requires frequent study trips to the big festivals in Germany. So a spacious car was needed for a driver's license. And a little cooler than his mother's Hyundai Getz would be okay too. At the beginning of his career as a guitar god, Moritz had to keep a tight budget. There is no more smashing instruments than a luxurious tour bus. But cousin Carsten still has a VW Passat Variant standing around.

Youngtimer bargain for 500 euros

Moritz's cousin Carsten had the transport problem with him during his active bass guitar days a Golf I GTI with trailer get a grip. But that's history. In the meantime Carsten no longer collects admission tapes from metal festivals, but young timers. He granted asylum to a VW Passat Variant 1.6 GL that was stranded at a Nissan dealer in his hometown. Actually, the car passes through as the dream of all Creme 21 addicts: original condition, firsthand, full service history, less than 100,000 kilometers on the clock, lush, plush GL equipment - for a mere 500 euros.

Carsten suggested zu, refurbished the VW Passat Variant and parked it between the VW Beetle Cabrio, Lancia Delta Integrale and Mercedes 450 SE W 116. But a growing vehicle fleet is inversely proportional to the time required for it. So the doctoral student gave the Havana brown VW Passat Variant to his cousin without further ado. 'Well, Carsten temporarily made the VW Passat Variant available to me for unrestricted use,' says Moritz. The only condition: the good condition must be preserved. Moritz ‘prompt response after taking over the VW Passat Variant: a crumpled rear bumper and a demolished rear light due to an unyielding lamp post. Now the novice driver learns how to get spare parts for a 17 year oldold VW Passat Variant is coming.

The load space of the VW Passat Variant holds up to 1,831 liters

In return, Moritz shows the VW Passat Variant life beyond terraced houses, teacher parking spaces and hardware store purchases. 'We started a two-week trip straight away from the admission office,' says Moritz with a calm that one would not trust him given his musical preferences. At the time when the VW Passat Variant was still new, the travel destinations could have served families from Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia as a holiday refuge: Bad Berka - okay, the wall was still there back then - and Dinkelsbühl. This time, however, the purpose was completely different - to pay homage to bands like Farsot, Paradise Lost and Cradle of Filth at the heavy metal festivals Party San and Summer Breeze. In the (luggage) room of the VW Passat Variant: buddies, sleeping bag, canned beer. In the Blaupunkt Heidelberg SQR 24: Tapes from Metallica and Megadeath instead of tapes from Marianne and Michael. The space available in the VW Passat Variant Type B2 turned out to be absolutely suitable for a festival: 'The four of us slept in the cart,' reports Moritz. After all, the cargo space swallows up to 1,831 liters. A modern VW Passat Variant hardly packs anymore.

And the old VW Passat Variant can do more than just load, because there is a little bit of comfort on board, which the young owner is happy about: 'The central locking is on slow, but it works '- and cost 371 marks extra. The headlight cleaning system, which is standard on the VW Passat Variant GL from August '81, ensures the right perspective in the usual bad weather. The first owner invested a whopping 1,049 marks in the power steering. Moritz is grateful that after headbang marathons and hauling equipment, he doesn't have to do heavy work on the steering wheel of the VW Passat Variant.

Robust 1.6-liter four-cylinder with 75 hp

The sturdy 1.6-liter four-cylinder with 75 hp in the VW Passat Variant doesn't really have much to do either. The downdraft carburettor engine only has to set an empty weight of 970 kg in motion. In 1981 auto motor und sport measured an acceleration from 0 to 100 km /h in 14.1 seconds, the top of the VW Passat Variant was stopped at 167 km /h. Only the 4 + E transmission, which is also available for a surcharge and which Moritz's VW Passat Variant is equipped with, was not worthy of praise by the testers: 'In view of the four-cylinder engine, which is too weak for the extremely long transmission, the VW technicians undoubtedly overshot the mark' , it said in issue 2/1981.

Moritz doesn't care, he prefers the speed on six strings to that on four wheels in his VW Passat Variant. Kirk Hammett didn't become a superstar overnight either. The VW Passat B2, however, does, especially the estate version. As the darling of the bourgeoisie, the VW Passat Variant was built around 930,000 times, mostly as a C or CL with the 54 hp naturally aspirated diesel or the 75HP petrol engine. Neither after the facelift nor in the five-cylinder versions of the VW Passat Variant did it become very glamorous, and certainly not as a Santana. Even when Peter Weck, alias Werner Schumann, swapped his Porsche 924 for a VW Passat Variant - first a GL5, later a GT - in the ZDF series 'I marry a family', it didn't bring any fame.

Five-cylinder Variant and Syncro are expensive

Crazy prices are only paid for the well-preserved five-cylinder VW Passat Variant and the Syncro all-wheel drive borrowed from Audi. The rest ended up in the press after a career as a construction site vehicle in fourth or fifth hand. Maybe Moritz's Havana brown VW Passat Variant would have ended up there, but instead of junk, Slayer is now the trend. And for the photo session, Moritz not only washed the metal mane, but also the VW Passat Variant. But one problem plagues him: He is still looking for a band, his preferred style is Death and Trash. Heavy metals don't always have it easy either.


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