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A at the IAA, VW is presenting the series version of the ID. 3. It is not just because of this car that the final go-ahead for Volkswagen's huge electric offensive is given in the Frankfurt exhibition halls. At the same time, the manufacturer is presenting its greatest classic in an electrified form: The Beetle is receiving the drive train of the small electric car E-Up from a partner - with the official blessing of the factory.

E-motor instead of gasoline boxer

The Volkswagen Group Components division is in charge of the project. This is responsible for both the production of the single-speed gearbox in Kassel and that of the other electric drive components in Braunschweig. This includes the 60 kW /82 PS and a maximum of 190 Newton meters of engine. It still sits above the rear axle, but is much more compact than the previous boxer. This allows an additional trunk to be created in the rear behind another bulkhead. The engine accelerates the 1,280 kilogram E-Beetle to 80 km /h and a maximum of 150 km /h in a good eight seconds.

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The electrical components of the E-Beetle come from the VW E-Up.

A specialist from Renningen near Stuttgart is doing the conversion itself - at least that of the floor pan. The company E-Classics anchors the 14 lithium-ion modules of the 36.8 kilowatt-hour battery, whose energy content should allow a range of more than 200 kilometers, in the underbody. Since the E-Beetle is designed for CCS fast charging, electricity can be refilled for around 150 kilometers in one hour.

Prices from 39,900 to 99,000 euros

The liquid-cooled power electronics, the heating system and the adapter with which the new lines are connected to the original Beetle wiring harnesscan get E-Classics from VW. The disc brake system with steel braided lines and the chassis, on the other hand, come from retrofitters. The rim options are either ATS wheels in silver or black, as well as rounds in the Fuchs-Porsche design.

Volkswagen AG
Suddenly there is a trunk in the rear: the luggage compartment of the E-Beetle.

Quite Such a VW E-Beetle is of course not cheap. The floor pan alone costs 39,900 euros. If you get a Beetle body yourself, you can have it married with the electric chassis at a certified partner company of E-Classics. But you can also deliver a standard 1302 or -1303 to E-Classics yourself and have it converted into an E-Beetle for 49,900 euros with a new floor pan. However, the condition of the original car must be good enough for this. It is interesting that the conversion can be reversed despite the necessary changes to the body, without jeopardizing the historical value of the Beetle. Third variant: For 99,000 euros you simply buy a finished, completely restored and electrically powered Beetle convertible.

Next comes the electric Bulli

Incidentally, the E-Beetle is just the beginning his. Volkswagen and E-Classics are already preparing a platform adapted to the Bulli. “The e-version of the 356 Porsche is also conceivable,” says Thomas Schmall, CEO of Volkswagen Group Components. In addition, the use of the new modular electric drive kit (MEB) is also conceivable for the electric conversion of oldtimers, which would multiply the performance and range. What the MEB is capable of is shown by the VW ID next door at the IAA. 3.


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