VW Corrado G60 for sale: Original with a disadvantage

Original VW Corrado with few previous owners have become rare. Exactly one of these has now been sold at bringatrailer.com for a good price. Despite two disadvantages.

Orange turn signals and side markers indicate it: This VW Corrado was delivered to the USA. Ohio instead of Oldenburg. The front license plate, which is not mandatory in many US states, only looks like a German export plate from the Böblingen district at first glance. The northern US location has two downsides: Ohio isn't Texas—it can get cold and wet. In addition, the return transport to the old world costs time and money.

Disadvantage: Automatic

Second disadvantage of the coupé manufactured by Karmann in Osnabrück: The first owner ordered a four-speed automatic. Some fans might prefer the five-speed manual transmission. The automatic seat belts and knee pads are more of a folklore thing - it had to be in the USA.

Almost as expensive as new

In the USA, the Corrado G60 once cost 19,100 dollars. But there was already a lot in it: on-board computer, air conditioning, electric windows, cassette radio, cruise control and central locking, for example. In the "Performance/Handling" category, "driving pleasure" is the first item on the standard equipment list. The customer added six extras: automatic transmission, Aqua BluePearl Clearcoat Metallic, black leather seats, the "Cold Climate Package" with heated seats and windshield washer nozzles, ABS and an electric sliding/tilting sunroof. This raised the price to $22,995.

The Corrado has now been auctioned for 16,750 euros. Without taking inflation into account, this sum almost corresponds to the new price. Converted, the coupé brought in 14,830 euros. Classic Analytics quotes a price range of 9,500 to 12,900 euros for a well-preserved G60.

Advantage: 2nd hand, less than 100,000 km

The rest of the data is correct: second hand, less than 100,000 km, no accident in the Carfax excerpt. The dark blue metallic paint, which cost an extra $170 in 1991, is shiny with only minor imperfections, according to the seller. At the most recent service in May 2021, a new battery and fresh oil came in, new Hankook Ventus V2 were put on the 15" BBS wheels. The car comes with the "window sticker" on which the basic price, standard equipment and extras as well as consumption data are printed. Brochures and operating instructions are also included.

The 1.8-liter four-cylinder pressurized by a spiral charger apparently made the first owner want more power: In 1993 he had a "Stage II HP Kit 185" from Neuspeed installed. Externally, he left the coupé original.


An original and accident-free Corrado from a manageable amount of previous ownership: You had to go for it - even if the new owner paid a steep price for the four-metre coupé made by Karmann. And that despite the two disadvantages of this offer: the automatic transmission and the location in Ohio, USA.


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