Volvo 940 with 9,031 km auctioned for 28,370 euros

One of the last rear-wheel drive Volvos fetches a 5-figure price at an auction in Sweden - where else? The highest bid for the 940 sedan with 9,031 km was more than 28,000 euros.

When Volvo last sold the 940 as a new car, the station wagon cost 49,000 marks with the lavish equipment of the "Classic" model. Customers could choose whether they preferred the 2.3-liter turbo with 135 or 165 hp, it cost the same. Two or three packages with extras had to be ticked, and the classic was done. A few years ago it was still possible to find a good 940 for a few thousand euros without any problems. In the meantime, prices have risen, but are rarely over 10,000 euros.

Last Volvo with rear-wheel drive

Anyone who missed out on buying a brand-new Volvo with rear-wheel drive in 1998 only recently had the opportunity again: Bilweb Auctions auctioned off a 940 sedan in Sweden, which can be considered practically new with a four-digit mileage. The red-painted four-door has no scratches or dents, and rust is rarely found on the carefully preserved series. The grains and seams on the steering wheel, cockpit and seats show no signs of wear.

The engine compartment looks as if the 940 just rolled off the assembly line - and not on December 17, 1997, as the data says. On January 2, 1998, it was registered for road use with license plates FTC 680. Instead of rolling along Swedish roads, however, it mostly stood in a heated garage with the seat cushions hidden under protective covers. Regularly serviced, the Volvo has only driven 224 kilometers since 2013, according to the auction house.

Purchase price: 28,370 euros

Condition and mileage obviously convinced a buyer to offer 300,000 Swedish crowns for the Volvo. That is a little more than double the estimated value expected by the auction house, which was 120,000 to 140,000 crowns (11,340 to 13,230 euros). At the equivalent of 28,370 euros, the new Volvo was worth to the highest bidder about what it would have cost as a genuine new car in 1998.


Old Swede! The condition and mileage of a Volvo 940, which in principle was quite ordinary, was worth a sum equivalent to the new price at the time to the highest bidder at an auction in Sweden.


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