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Volvo 850 2.5 20V station wagon in the driving report: Cross-country skiers from 950 euros

Volvo 850 2.5 20V station wagon in the driving report
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There is nothing wrong with this sentence:' The V olvo 850 ', so it is on According to the manufacturer's website, 'it was a completely new vehicle that differed from its predecessors in almost every respect.' The decisive passage of the sentence, however, is too easy to read because of its formulation.

It consists of exactly one word: almost. The Volvo 850 Station wagon by no means from its predecessors - or the models of the 200, 700 and 900 series, which Volvo also produced when the sedan debuted in 1991.

Volvo 850 station wagon with high mileage

And the Volvo 850 station wagon, added two years later, on the line that Volvo had defined since the mid-1960s, straight to the point. Since the 140 series, Volvo has been as reluctant to deviate from the straight line when designing its cars, just as one deviates from the straight line with the vehicles themselves.

Well, that's a bit exaggerated to put it in absolute terms. The Volvo 850 station wagon drives quickly around bends if you only allow it to understeer and move the body here and there. But the 850 is not the first choice for really sudden changes of direction. He can persistently approach a goal once he has set his sights, regardless of whether this goal is 500, 5,000 or 50,000 kilometers away.

Because even more effortlessly than at least reasonably high speeds that he can achieve with a Accompanied by a wonderful characteristic mixture of singing and growling, the five-cylinder delivers high mileage. And in order to function quietly and reliably, he only needs a minimum of regular and well-intentioned attention. Then long distances don't bother him any more than anyone else the Volvo 850 station wagon offers. It has more than enough of it for most occasions.

Popular station wagon in Sweden and Germany

Of course because it can still look like a real station wagon and not like the one sinceHalf-beings that have become fashionable for some time, which should appear dynamic with their sloping roof lines, but rather remind of the always pathetic figure of a dog with hip problems. The Volvo 850 station wagon has to get along without pity, even asserting itself against reservations that it is no longer a real Volvo because, like the small 300 and 400, it has a front-wheel drive and its engine hangs across the front axle. And?

It could be countered that it, the Volvo 850 Kombi , was the last model before Volvo lost its independence to Ford in 1999. It wasn't because of him. He also went faster than his fellow brands in sales. 20 years ago it was number one in the registration statistics in Sweden and every second new Volvo in Germany was an 850.

This is how the immense effort that Volvo invested in the “Galaxy” program for the Volvo 850 paid off Kombi had operated since 1978. 15 billion crowns went into development. Up until then there had been no major investment in a single project in Sweden. But, of course, it's not just what makes the 850 so valuable today.


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