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Volvo 760 GLE in the driving report: Kurt, the either-Broder-Volvo

Rossen Gargolov
Volvo 760 GLE in the driving report
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The anticipation is huge. Kurt Live! Finally! I know the shrill V olvo already from TV. Does he actually look so brilliantly crazy? The 30-minute episodes of “Entweder Broder - die Deutschland-Safari” ran every Monday in the late evening, first on ARD, then on 3sat. At the end of 2011, the second season came, again with five episodes.

On the move in the name of Enlightenment

At the beginning of every broadcast, Kurt makes a big appearance: The camera shows the grandiose airbrush figures and symbols on his body, the Statue of Liberty, Jesus Christ (slightly stoned), Osama bin Laden's head, held by a garden gnome, praying hands, Heino, a dirndl cleavage, Jewish star, a glass of latte macchiato and more. Beloved and hated things from the western and eastern world of values.

The portraits of the Volvo drivers shine on the bonnet - the Polish Jew Henryk M. Broder (66) and the Egyptian Muslim Hamed Abdel-Samad (40). Broder and Abdel-Samad, both renowned journalists and book authors on matters of social policy, are traveling through Germany with Kurt. They check the state of the nation and almost always come across extreme views: NPD functionaries in Berlin /Neukölln, eco-fundalos in Freiburg's Vauban district, an absurd congress for sustainability (from what exactly?) Or the ex-jungle resident Indira Weis, who blames the Americans for the World Trade Center assassination and therefore says: “We are all completely fooled. Life is a game, we are the candidates. ”

On the way, Broder, who as an author has meanwhile switched from“ Spiegel ”to“ Welt ”, often plays the provocative hardliner. Then there are sayings like: “What does integration mean? You act like a bastard and nobody takes it offense - then you are integrated. ”Abdel-Samad, on the other hand, gives the meek and interprets“ hay fever and ranting about immigrants ”as evidence of successful integration.

In the Volvo they elaborate on their experiences. Its interior is decorated like a Lebanese taxi with cords and crazy trinkets - from the Christ child to the China waving cat. And now the time has come: I can see Kurt live, maybe even take a tour of Munich. There the Preview Productions has itsSeat that “Entweder Broder” produced, and that's where the rolling, west-east divan is also parked.

Broder-Volvo: masterpiece of the late ideological renaissance

Photographer Rossen and I turn into Herzog-Rudolf-Straße in the center of Munich near the opera. In an inner courtyard, among the many parked cars, we discover a Citroën CX and three Volvo 7-series station wagons - and, yes, Kurt is standing there too. I immediately circle the blue wonder car with curiosity and am amazed at how neatly the airbrush motifs are applied: Sometimes they shine on the light blue base coat, sometimes they seem to pop out, sometimes with shadows and amazing three-D effects.

The rotating discs of the shiny chrome plastic hubcaps are also wonderfully kitschy. The Volvo 760 GLE is a masterpiece of late ideological renaissance. We enter the premises of Preview Productions through a kind of workshop warehouse. Wheels, oil cans and a few spare parts for Kurt and the other Volvo company cars are piled on a shelf. At the end of a long corridor with a comfortable waiting sofa, we meet Joachim Schröder in his office. And there is also Wilma, the friendly terrier lady, who mostly silently and patiently accompanies the two oriental extremists on their Germany safari like Grommit.

Volvo 760 GLE - the cosmopolitan from Kalmar

Schröder is the producer of the Preview Productions and an avowed Volvo fan (see www.wunschvolvo.de ). The idea for the satirical broadcast came from him. Broder, whom Schröder knew personally beforehand, immediately agreed. And the safari car was basically already determined. Schröder about the Volvo 760 GLE, the “Cosmopolitan from Kalmar”: “The car looks like a child has drawn it. Sober Scandinavian design with an American feel. In addition, a V6 jointly developed with the French. The automatic transmission is a Japanese license production based on a British design. ”

In addition, the rear-wheel drive Volvo 760 is a civilized and enduring long-distance vehicle and was“ handcrafted in the eighties by privileged and happy workers in small assembly teams manufactured '. Every screw was tightened twice.

The motifs for Kurt's painting were thought out by the production team together with Broder and Abdel-Samad. They were implemented in color by the specialists from Xi-Design from Berlin, whose automobile creations were unfortunately only on the road for Stefan Raab's Stock Car Challenge - before they were driven to Klump in the Schalke Stadium. The Volvo owes its name 'Kurt' to the portrait of Kurt Westergaard, which theoccupies the entire roof section. The Dane Westergaard drew the notorious Mohammed caricature, which led to mass protests and an attempted assassination against the author.

Men moaning when opening the door

In this respect, Kurt is a really hot box. Not just because of the dangling plush breasts on the rearview mirror and the pooping bishop on the instrument panel. When unlocking the door with the remote control, Kurt lets out a voluptuous male moan: 'Oooahh'. We enter. First the producer drives and explains where all the trinkets in the interior come from: “Some of them come from colleagues from the participating broadcasters HR, BR and SR.” This shows that the program “Entweder-Broder” is also on TV -Maker has a lot of fans.

After an orientation session, we drop Kurt's foster father back in his production company and cruise leisurely through the Isar metropolis. No other road user gets upset, honks or gestures about it. You actually take the Lebanese taxi driver or crazy Volvo fan with a migration background from me and keep your distance: Who knows what he's up to. I am touched and honored. Even more so, when two young German students jump off their bikes during the photo shoot in front of the Bavarian National Museum and greet me with “Iser really?” To which I proudly answer: “Yes, that's Kurt. You can take a closer look at it. ”

Either Broder: The Success Story

Producer Joachim Schröder and the 14-person production company Preview Productions with headquarters in Munich and branches in New York and Berlin are multiple award-winning documentary film specialists. Among other things, for “Die Ludolfs” (DMAX) and for “Entweder Broder - Die Deutschland-Safari”, which received the PUK Journalist Prize from the German Cultural Council.

Preview Productions has so far created over 20,000 minutes of broadcasting for almost all public and private broadcasters in Germany, including topics that contain petrol such as the “tuning professionals” for the Vox channel. Due to the great public response, 3sat repeated all ten episodes (table one and two) of “Entweder Broder”. On www.youtube.de there are constantly many episodes and highlights of the enigmatic, weird Germany- Safari available. The first season with five episodes has now been released on DVD (15.99 euros), a must not only for Volvo fans. There is also a slightly differently rated book (14.99 euros) from Knaus-Verlag. More at www.entweder-broder.de


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