Voltimer converts the Beetle to an electric drive

Voltimer converts the Beetle to an electric drive
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S Whirring instead of babbling: The Voltimer company in Blaustein near Ulm is converting VW Beetles and T1 into electric cars. The bugs and Bullis come from Brazil, the batteries from used Teslas and the electronics are self-developed. Voltimer offers the electric Beetle in two performance levels: The basic model has a 15 kW motor, two batteries with 5.3 kWh each and a range of 70 kilometers. It costs 30,500 euros.

Voltimer replaces the boxer with an electric motor

An electric motor hums in the rear of the Voltimer Beetle.

The more powerful model with 28 kW motor and four batteries is coming 150 kilometers away. It costs 38,500 euros. The range can be extended up to 400 kilometers. If you miss the sound of the Beetle, you can have a sound module installed that acoustically imitates the Boxer. Like the original, the converted Beetle also has the engine in the rear. The transmission and rear axle remain in place, but in future only third gear will be used - the electric motor does not need more than one gear ratio. The top speed corresponds to the original, but the conversion is faster there: the 28 kW version accelerates from zero to 50 km /h in five seconds.

VW T1 and T with electric drive

The batteries are installed behind the rear seat bench, electronics and a 2 kW heater are located under the front hood. VW T1 and T2 also convert Voltimer from an electric drive. The Bullis have a 44 kW motor, eight batteries with 5.3 kWh each and charge with 9.9 kW. Four hours of charging are enough for 200 kilometers. The electric Bulli costs from 59,500 euros. In principle, every classic can be converted to electricity. Voltimer has already converted a Peugeot 205, a Mercedes /8 is currently in the works.


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