Video Podcast Gravel Square Kings: Episode 5 Unique

Cars with rarity value fascinate. In episode 5, the Kiesplatz kings are therefore looking for used vehicles, which are currently only offered in single-digit numbers.

This issue is not about strictly limited special models - so much in advance. No, the subject of the search request are used cars, which for various reasons are not allowed to call the very large fan base in Germany their own - but that could change now. In episode 5, gravel court kings Jens Dralle and Sebastian Renz shed light on the very special charm of Japanese cars from the early 1980s, British engineering and French presidential flair with trailer hitches. It hasn't gotten any weirder than that. And not less often either.

Have you fallen in love with any of the cars? Which rare used car is your favorite?,


Please let us know which search criteria you would like for an episode of "Kiesplatz-K├Ânige". Don't be shy - the more absurd, the better. Simply by email to .


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