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Video Podcast Gravel Court Kings: Episode 4 #makegreengreataagain

Under the motto #makegreengreatagain, the kings of the gravel court, Jens Dralle and Sebastian Renz, looked around for green cars in the fourth episode.

The hashtag #makegreengreatagain calls on social networks to paint all vehicles green. A Jaguar in British Racing Green or a Porsche 911 in fir green are real eye-catchers. But what about other cars that are not immediately associated with the color green? The gravel court kings Jens Dralle and Sebastian Renz have combed through the online vehicle range for a few curiosities in green. You can see what came of it in the fourth episode of the Kiesplatz-Könige video podcast.

Have you fallen in love with any of the cars? Which "green" is your favorite?


Please let us know which search criteria you would like for an episode of "Kiesplatz-Könige". Don't be shy - the more absurd, the better. Simply by email to redaktion_ams@motorpresse.de .


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