Toyota Supra JZA 80 Mk IV auctioned with 11,000 km

This Supra Mk IV with 11,000 km on the odometer was auctioned at for US$150,000. That's the equivalent of 138,000 euros.

The Toyota Supra has achieved cult status not least because of " Fast & Furious " and "Tokyo Drift". The sports car with biturbo in-line six met with skepticism when it made its debut in Germany in 1993. Fat on the hips and a conspicuous wing on the rear caused criticism: the 330 hp Supra achieves the driving performance of a BMW M3, but consumes 2.5 liters more, criticized a reader in auto motor und sport at the time.

What the reader probably didn't know: The standard charge pressure of the two turbochargers can be increased slightly and the in-line six-cylinder can withstand it. Depending on the level of conversion, tuned Supras have around twice the output of the standard 330 hp of the export version.

Original apart from one conversion

The white Toyota Supra that was auctioned off at the end of January 2023 on was spared from tuning games. However, the seller had a conversion made after he bought the car in 2019: Instead of the four-speed automatic, a manual six-speed gearbox from Getrag came in, plus a limited-slip differential. Cardan shaft, engine control unit and the left part of the rear axle were also replaced.

From the factory, the Supra is equipped with black leather on electrically adjustable seats, a removable roof section, automatic climate control, a stereo system and 17-inch wheels. The car comes with the "Window Sticker", i.e. the sales sign with consumption data, price, color and equipment. Also included are a model car, workshop invoices, a carfax report and a clean Montana title. In Germany, the Supra Mk IV is quoted in very good condition at around 95,400 euros.


The times when a Supra was a cheap alternative to a Porsche 911 are over. As a new car, the Toyota was even cheaper; especially as a used one. But after almost 30 years, the listings for good specimens are at eye level. This is shown again and again by auction results, such as for this car with particularly low mileage. With a sales price of 138,000 euros, this was almost half the price on the German market.


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