Toyota Land Cruiser J4 genuine spare parts

Toyota starts producing spare parts for the classic Land Cruiser J4 from 1960 to 1984. Brand new engines are also on the program.

The J4 series of the Toyota Land Cruiser, first introduced in 1960, plays a key role in the robust image of the brand. The legendary indestructibility of the old Land Cruiser made the four-wheeler a much-praised and often much-loved long-distance runner on all continents. A large number of the models produced up to 1984 are still running today.

But because even the most robust technology can get a bit tired after sometimes more than 50 years of service, Toyota wants to offer its regular customers newly produced spare parts and complete components in the future. The reason for this is the 70th birthday of the Land Cruiser , which the brand is celebrating with various events in 2021. The parts are being re-manufactured as part of Toyota's GR Heritage Parts Project, which has already re-issued parts for the Supra A70 and A80, as well as the 2000GT.

Gazoo Racing takes over the production

As with the aforementioned sports cars, Toyota's motorsport department Gazoo Racing is also responsible for the new Land Cruiser parts project. This was preceded by surveys of Land Cruiser dealers and fan clubs worldwide to identify the parts most in need. Accordingly, complete engines, transmissions and exhaust systems will be produced first, Toyota plans to be able to order the components at the beginning of 2022.

At the same time, Toyota promises to also produce other parts and gives Land Cruiser fans worldwide the opportunity to have a say. In a specially created questionnaire ( available under this link ), the Land Cruiser community can put the most urgent parts requests on record, the most frequently mentioned components then follow accordingly in the next round.


A brand new engine for a 70-year-old classic car, fresh off the assembly line and directly from the original manufacturer - that should be a dream for many a classic car fan. At Toyota, this is now becoming a reality for some Land Cruiser fans. The Japanese manufacturer focuses directly on customer requirements and even sets up a questionnaire for future reproductions.


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