Toyota Collection with theme day for Camry and Corolla

Toyota Collection theme day
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'Camry' is derived from Kann-muri, the Japanese word for crown. It says so in Wikipedia. The crown of the Toyota range is not the rather inconspicuous mid-size sedan: The role of the top model is the Crown, that of the bestseller the Corolla. Nevertheless, the Camry is a coveted car: it has been reliably in the top ten newly registered cars in the USA for over ten years, mostly even the best-selling sedan between Mexico and Canada.

700,000 Camry per year

Toyota has sold 19 million Camrys since 1982.

Toyota sells around 700,000 Camrys each year. Recently also back in Germany: After a little more than ten years break, there is again a Camry to buy in this country, the sedan in the Business Edition costs 39,990 euros. The choice of engine is made by Toyota for the customer; there is only one hybrid. It combines a 2.5-liter four-cylinder installed across the front with an electric motor and planetary gearbox to form a 218 hp unit. The Camry can go from zero to 100 km /h in 8.3 seconds. The last time the Camry was so fast was the beginning of the nineties, when it was still light, but already had the three-liter V6 with 188 hp. The V6 would not have come 100 kilometers with the 4.3 liters that the new one needs on average. Impressively low: CO2 emissions of 98 grams /km. Sounds quite reasonable, doesn't it?

Uncomplex equipment selection

The efficiency of the four-cylinder with combined intake manifold /direct injection is impressively high: 41% of that achieved by the 14: 1 highly compressed Petrol engine. Similar to the engine is the variety of equipment: there are two. If business is not enough for you, take executive. For 42,390 euros, 18-inch wheels, an eight-inch navigation system and various assistance systems are included

19 million Camry since 1982

The selection wasn't always that clear: there was one at times Camry also as a coupé,Station wagon or with all-wheel drive. However, not in all countries at the same time. Even so, Toyota has managed to sell over 19 million Camrys in 100 countries since 1982. Quite inconspicuous. That impresses a bit

Camry and Corolla Day on May 4, 2019

Toyota is holding a theme day in the Collection on Saturday, May 4: Stand up to the new editions Focus on Corolla and Camry. Toyota has just renewed the compact and mid-range sedans. The Camry is the ninth generation since 1982; like the Camry, it is returning to the German market after a break. On the theme day Toyota expects “the most beautiful Corolla and Camry” on the grounds of the Collection at Toyota Allee 2 in 59858 Cologne. Admission is free, and there are free guided tours at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.

The largest Toyota collection outside of Japan

The collection includes several generations of Corolla, including a sporty AE 86 and a Tercel 4x4 as a forerunner of today's SUV. But there are also good sedans and three-door cars, for example a KE 20 from 1974. Or an AE80 Liftback from 1980. Peter Pichert, who was one of the first Toyota dealers in Germany, had collected over 70 cars. Pichert opened the largest private Toyota museum outside of Japan in 1994. After his death, Toyota Germany took over the collection and is now showing it at the company's Cologne site.


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