The Porsche legend: 6-cylinder boxer from 1966 as a kit

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6-cylinder boxer as a kit
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S You're still looking for the right Christmas present for Their children? Or for the tech-savvy husband? Or for the car-savvy woman? Then Franzis Verlag has a tempting gift for you at a price of 169 euros. Admittedly, that's not a small amount of money for a single gift. But it fits under the Christmas tree like a goose on the dining table.

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Boxer engine made of 290 parts

We're talking about the 6-cylinder boxer engine from the Porsche 911 original model. Franzis has developed a kit for the two-liter unit in cooperation with the Porsche Museum Stuttgart. The boxer on a scale of 1: 4 (320 mm long, 250 mm high) is put together from 290 individual plastic parts and screwed together - and not glued. Because parts such as pistons, crankshaft and valves move like in the original engine.

The mechanics are made visible by transparent housing parts. Attention is paid to details: LEDs imitate the ignition sparks in the cylinders. And a sound module brings the boxer sound into the living room. The assembly should take about three hours.

290 parts first need to be brought into the right places. A companion book helps with the instructions and also provides information about Porsche and the 911. A little tip: You can also look at the historical photos, drawings and posters from the Porsche archive separately before going to sleep - and then dream of your own 911 if you don't have one in the garage.

The one You can get the kit of the 6-cylinder boxer from the 911 from 1966 order here .


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