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Testarossa Spider & # 34; Pininfarina & # 34 ;: Cloth hat Ferrari on offer

Testarossa Spider 'Pininfarina'
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Almost all football fans know: 'There is only one ' Rudi Völler. ”But only the best informed Ferrari fans know:“ There is only one ' T estarossa Spider“ - a total of 7,177 examples of the legendary V12 mid-engine sports car were built. Ferrari commissioned the silver roadster with a white fabric roof from Pininfarina in 1986 to give Gianni Agnelli an anniversary present. Twenty years earlier, Agnelli took over the reins of Ferrari shareholder Fiat, and the Testarossa Spider was meant to be an expression of the appreciation they had in Maranello for the charismatic company patriarch. The car was auctioned for one million dollars in 2016.

JamesEdition Car Club
If the top is closed, the Testarossa Spider Pininfarina presents unusual proportions.

Nice without a roof, rather not so nice with a roof

It is actually the only 'official' Testarossa Spider that ever existed. But there are other 'unofficial' convertible versions from tuners and coachbuilders such as Lorenz & Rankl, Pavesi or Koenig Specials. The demand for open Testarossas was so great that even Ferrari's house designer Pininfarina took pity on it and also produced unofficial Spider specimens. How many exactly is unfortunately not known. It is said to have been about two dozen in total - eleven of them are said to have owned the Sultan of Brunei.

This example, built in 1988, also comes from the Spider batch from Pininfarina. The photos show: With the roof open, the Testarossa retains its proportions, the lines cannot be denied a certain harmony and elegance. Unfortunately, that changes as soon as the Ferrari puts on the cloth cap. The hood turns out to be a foreign body in the Testarossa design; This shows that the twelve-cylinder mid-engine sports car was only conceived as a coupé.

The same technical data as the coupé

The specimen for sale in the luxury online shop James Edition dates from 1988 and according to the seller - a dealer from Amsterdam - has only covered 3,730 kilometers so far. The steering wheel is on the left, the gears are changed manually and the Testarossa Spider Pininfarina is painted in Ferrari's corporate color 'Rosso Corsa'. In the interior, however, the open Testa is showing the first signs of patina after 33 years; especially the leather of the seats seems to need a little care. For this, the technology of the open Testarossa should be in excellent shape and everything in and on the car in its original condition.

Technically, the Spider Pininfarinas correspond to the Testarossa Coupé. The model on offer also presents the data from the production car: the V12 engine with its characteristic 180 degree cylinder angle generates 390 hp and delivers a maximum torque of 490 Newton meters. The zero-to-one hundred value fluctuates between 5.3 and 5.8 seconds, depending on the specification, and the coupé's top speed is almost 300 km /h. In the cockpit of the Spider Pininfarina it should be quite stormy at this speed.


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