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Super athletes from 60 years: the hottest sports cars in the Silvretta

Hardy Mutschler
From truck to go-kart - super athletes from 60 years
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A at the beginning was the engine - and in the Benz patented motor car with around 0.7 hp it went forward under its own power. The automobile picked up speed in rapid development steps. Soon it was about 'faster, stronger and better'. You can also experience the development of sporty automobiles at the Silvretta Classic. From pre-war cars to high-tech super sports cars.

2-tonne truck from Bentley

'Basically it is it's a truck, 'says Claus Heinrich about his Bentley 8 Liter Tourer. And the dimensions and weights are almost the same as those of today's commercial vehicles. The wheelbase of the long version is just under 4 meters (3,962 mm), the curb weight of the chassis around 1.7 tons. Then there is the body - in the case of Heinrich's 1931 tourer, the total weight is a good two tons.

Driving is not for beginners: without power steering and with a chassis at pre-war level, moving such a colossus is hard physical work. 'I always have to start bodybuilding at Christmas so that I am fit for the first classic car rally in spring'.

The Bentley is powered by a powerful 8-liter in-line six-cylinder with 220 hp. The dimensions of the engine are enormous: 140 mm stroke and 110 mm bore give an idea of ​​the forces of nature with which this engine powers the Bentley 8 liter. 'It goes up to around 170 km /h, then it gets nasty', knows the Bentley fan, who in addition to his 8 liter also has a 4 ½ liter. 'One of them is actually always in the workshop and is made fit for the next rally,' says Heinrich, who is at the start with Wilfried Polle at the Silvretta.

The Lambo from the scrap dealer

One of the most elegant sports coupés with start number 102 is at the Silvretta Classic: one of only around 320 Lamborghini 400 GT. Christian Hinsch has owned this car since 2008 and is very familiar with the history of the brand. 'I'm just interested in the story of the nonconformist Ferruccio Lamborghini. As is the case with Enzo Ferrari complained and - after' Il Commendatore threw him out, built a sports car according to his own ideas. '

Ferrari advertised itcongenial engineer and 250 GTO father Giotto Bizzarrini, who designed the V12 of the first Lamborghini, the 350 GTV. This engine was also used in the 350 GT and later, increased to 3.9 liters, also in the 400 GT.

Balboni ennobles the Lamborghini V12

The model that has only run 108,000 km by Christian Hinsch dates from 1967 - and was first delivered to a French scrap dealer. 'He then passed it on to his nephew, and I bought it from him in 2008,' says the Lamborghini enthusiast, 'the car was in absolutely original condition, I only had the engine and paintwork done. The entire interior is still original.

The V12 engine was rebuilt by the engine guru Wolfgang Instinsky in the Black Forest. Valentino Balboni, legendary Lambo test driver, even examined it at a meeting - and ennobled it. 'He just said: Me wants to see whether it's done properly '- the only thing he had to complain about was a slightly too short ignition cable, 'says Hinsch happily.

The Magnum Ferrari 308 GTB

'It makes you feel like Magnum,' says Andreas Förner happily, who got the 308 GTB on loan from a business partner. He normally drives a Porsche Boxster S, which pampers with the latest technology you get in your arms pretty quickly, 'says Förner - and his wife Elke adds: 'It is also very confusing and you sit completely differently - that is more like lying on the street.'

The two of them drive a classic car rally for the first time in the 1986 Ferrari and 'It's really hard work to familiarize yourself with the special stages, the road book and everything related to it - but the fantastic routes are worth all the effort.'

F1 driver at the wheel of a Renault Alpine A310

At start number 156 there is a real crack at the wheel: Cengiz Artam also drives in the historic Formula 1 and owns one of the largest automobile collections in Turkey - and has 'a few youngtimers' in Geneva that he also uses in everyday life. One of them is the Renault Alpine A310 from 1982, which he drives over the passes at the Silvretta.

'This is my favorite car in summer, in winter I prefer to drive my Lancia Delta Integrale,' says Artam, grinning Knowing about the traction advantages of the all-wheel drive - and lets his Alpine fly around the hairpin bends.

We show more sports cars from the Silvretta Classic in our photo show.


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