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Silvretta Classic Rallye Montafon 2013: ZDK fire brigade helps oldies

Silvretta Classic Rallye Montafon 2013
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A n board are all important aids - from warning devices to Securing of broken-down vehicles using tow bars and tow ropes through to jump starters and trolley jacks for changing wheels. Setting agents for liquids as well as oils and lubricants, specialist tools and fire extinguishers are also carried along. With a total of eight seats, the former fire engine can also be used as a 'shared taxi' on the classic car route in an emergency.

Motor vehicle trade certified specialist companies for historic vehicles

The boss on board is master mechanic Matthias Kemmer. He runs a 'specialist company for historic vehicles' in Speyer and has more than 20 years of professional experience in the restoration and maintenance of classic vehicles. who have specialized in service for classic automobiles, 'says ZDK consultant Andrea Zeus. With the sign 'specialist company for historic vehicles', which has been awarded since 2009, the guild companies signal that they meet contractually defined standards for maintenance and repair. Compliance with these standards is checked regularly. The companies can be found at www.kfzgewerbe-oldtimer.de .

Growing market for classic automobiles

These companies meet a steadily growing community of fans of historic vehicles. There are currently more than 1.7 million classic and youngtimers in Germany. According to the 2011 DAT report, the average costs for repair and maintenance of these vehicle categories were 455 euros per year. From this, a serious sales potential can be calculated for the companies that have taken on the topic of classic vehicles.

Pilot project for the youngsters Training in the motor vehicle trade

The restoration and maintenance of old and youngtimers makes high demands on workshop professionals. 'Very special knowledge and skills are required, coupled with experience and passion,' says Matthias Kemmer. 'An automotive mechatronics technician likes to deal with any type ofThe injection system can cope with a double downdraft carburetor for a long time. '

That is why the automotive industry is now focusing on making the young generation fit for the future business with the automotive cultural asset. 13 prospective customers are currently acquiring Automotive mechatronics technicians have the 'additional qualification for old and youngtimers technology'. In training courses, they are taught practical content relating to historical vehicles as part of a pilot project that will run until 2013 in Soest.


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