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Silvretta Classic Rallye Montafon 2012: The co-driver is always right!

Kai Klauder
Silvretta Classic Rallye Montafon 2012
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D he rally world champions Christian Geistdörfer and Harald Koepke, Head of the organizing team of the Silvretta Classic, explained to the around 90 rally novices why this is so. Because only when this hierarchy is clearly regulated does the cockpit come to rest.

The higher mathematics of rallying

In addition to the newbies, numerous experienced participants also used the refreshing rally tips . In the Vallüla hall in Partenen, about an hour of theory was crammed. Christian Geistdörfer and Harald Koepke explained the importance of zero. Because when counting down the given time, the teams have to leave the special stage at zero, and not already at one, as Geistdörfer remembers. There was also a short introduction to higher mathematics at a regularity rally, because 'there is a huge difference between colon and comma,' as Geistdörfer warned. 1.10 minutes is by no means 1:10 minutes, there are at least four seconds between the two required times - a small eternity for regularity rallies like the Silvretta Classic.

After the Chinese characters, the road book, the importance of the boarding pass , the difference between progressive and degressive as well as between the air hose and light barrier measurement were explained, it went into the vehicles and off to the practical part. Here the participants could taste the “salt in the soup”, as Harald Koepke calls the special stages. But in the same breath he points out the most important things about the Silvretta Classic: 'The great joy comes when driving through the beautiful Montafon'.

And Christian Geistdörfer gave the rally drivers a consolation on the way: “There is also a cancellation result, not one per day, but at least you can completely miss it.” So calm, the teams rolled to the test course, where an air hose and a light barrier measurement were set up. After just a few rounds, the teams were able to celebrate successes, and so they are motivated to start the 15th Silvretta Classic. The first car rolls off the ramp on July 5th at 12:01 p.m.


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