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Silvretta Classic 2018: Rally of the world's most beautiful classic cars

Silvretta Classic 2018
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A ls on July 5th, 2018 the starting flag was waved in the Austrian part of Partenen, Almost 200 oldtimers went on a grand tour for the 21st time at the Silvretta Classic. The historic vehicles covered a distance of almost 600 kilometers on three days of the rally until they saw the checkered flag on July 7th from 1:50 p.m. on the Kirchplatz in Schruns. Despite his vacation, the mayor of Schruns, Jürgen Kuster, did not miss this spectacle. The 47-year-old, who was born and grew up in Schruns, is a classic car owner himself and is very happy about the changed route. “I have a 1970 Volvo Amazon at home. However with a defective clutch. And since I have two left hands, my participation did not work out this year. But maybe next year ”, smiles Jürgen Kuster.

Marcel Sommer
Jürgen Kuster, Mayor of Schruns, is an enthusiastic classic car fan.

But he has to get in line early, because the starting places for this year's Silvretta Classic were so popular that the last place could only be awarded in a fair and charitable way by auction. Charitable? Yes. Because the highest bidders Dorothea and Ulrich Meeh from Heimsheim (will take part in the rally in the Alvis 12/70 Special from 1940) support the charitable organization United Charity, which in turn supports children's projects all over the world.

Celebrities at the Silvretta Classic 2018

Marcel Sommer
Magnus Walker is driving a Mercedes-Benz SL 300 Coupé at the Silvretta Classic 2018.

In addition to the extremely high-priced automotive participants, one or two prominent guest drivers have registered again this year. Even during the practical course, Porsche collector Magnus Walker had a lot of fun in the, and now watch out, Mercedes-Benz SL 300 Coupé. And if there is already a large ash parking lot available, it makes sense to drift a few tracks into the ashes with a 1.8 million euro Stuttgart car.

The field is led by one of the oldest cars in the field, the Mercedes-Benz SSK from 1928. Ex-Formula 1 driver Jochen Mass will provide an appropriate acoustic spectacle on the three days of the rally thanks to the 7.1-liter, 300-hp six-cylinder.

With Karl Wendlinger, another former Formula 1 and with Severin Freund even an Olympic champion, overall world cup winner and world champion in ski jumping is at the start. It is not the first time that the longest journey has been made by the Norwegian Helge Holck-Dykesteen, who is participating for the tenth time, and his co-pilot OveTorsteinbo. Your vehicle: the Chevrolet Corvette Indy Pace Car from 1986.

A world of its own

The nice thing about such a rally is not only the field of participants, but also the reactions of the many hundreds of spectators on the roadside. Be it the parents who bring their children out of their deep sleep just so they can take a look at the historic vehicles. Or the anglers at the Fischer Lake in Bartholomäberg, who ignore their wriggling rod for a moment, only to see with their own eyes what was part of the normal street scene many decades ago. Well, the SL, 507 and Co. are of course not that normal. But last but not least, if you take a look at an electric car parking lot, it becomes clear that real automotive dinosaurs are being moved here.

Here you can find all information and results of the Silvretta Classic 2018.


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