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Silvretta Classic 2015: victory of the day goes to Hattenhauer and Preiss

Silvretta Classic Rallye Montafon 2015
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SS 1: Silvretta Hochalpenstrasse

D he first evaluation test of the Silvretta Classic was made possible by Team HLX with Karlheinz Kögel and Dr. Peter Maurer in the Mercedes-Benz 300 SC (start number 36, 4 penalty points) won. Isolde Holderied and Peter Schiefer came second for Team Toyota in the 2000 GT (car number 122, 10 penalty points). Third place came Timm and Kerstin Meinrenken in the Porsche 911 E2 Targa (start number 146, 10 penalty points). The older car wins with the same number of penalty points.

SS 2: Zeinisjoch

Andreas and Elke Förner win the second Special test with only one penalty point (start number 100, Ferrari 328 GTB). With two penalty points each, the teams HLX /Kögel /Maurer (start number 36, Mercedes-Benz 300 SC), Ginesi (start number 42, AC Ace Bristol), Schick /Faber (start number 61, Chevrolet Corvette C1) come in second to fifth and Kleißler (start number 103, BMW 3000).

SS 3: Winterweg I

Three teams manage on Winterweg I clear laps: 1st place goes to Team Hattenhauer /Preiss (start number 77, Volkswagen T1 Transporter), 2nd place to Team UNION Glashütte with Maik Juppe and Thomas Hoffmann (start number 120, Mercedes-Benz 350 SL), 3rd place to Team Toyota Thomas Schalberger and Sebastian Neuhaus (start number 124, Toyota Crown). With the same penalty points, the places are staggered according to year of construction, the oldest vehicle wins.

SS 4: Gargellen

In the fourth special stage, the Budde Fördertechnik team with Jürgen Budde and Eckhart Südmersen (start number 91, Mercedes-Benz 300 SL, built in 1957) wins and wins with one penalty point. Klaus-Hasso and Tanja Heller (starting number 62, Porsche 356 BT5 Super 90, built in 1960) also experienced only one penalty point and thus second place. In third place came Norbert and Ute Schrader (start number 57, Austin-Healey 3000 MK I) with 2 penalty points.

SS 5 : St. Anton - Bartholomäberg

Due to the extreme dust development on WP 5 and WP Secret 1 as well as multiple obstacles among the participants, a fair evaluation is not possible. Thus, both tests are neutralized and not counted.

Day winner stage 1

The day victory goes to Dirk Hattenhauer and Andre Preiss inher Volkswagen T1 Transporter (start number 77) with a total of 48 penalty points. Stefano and Susanna Ginesi in the AC Ace Bristol (start number 42) came in second with 50 penalty points. Team Memminger with Schorsch Memminger and Christoph Wellmann in a Volkswagen 1303 (start number 152) finished third with 56 points.

All results can be downloaded from the Event-Portal .


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