Silvretta Classic 2015: Cups with displacement

Silvretta Classic Rallye Montafon 2015
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Since this year there are classic rallies by auto motor und sport and M otor Klassik to win very special trophies: KSPG AG donates four hundred high-performance pistons as prizes for the three classic rallies Paul Pietsch Classic, Silvretta Classic and Sachsen Classic. All winners of special stages receive a piston with a label in an elegant black wooden box.

This is the piston for the Audi V8 turbo engine. It is available on the market as a series product and is currently installed in the S6, S7, S8 and RS 6 models, which is why it was developed. It is also used in the Bentley. The ring carrier piston was designed for applications of up to 404 kilowatts and in individual cases also runs for applications up to 440 kilowatts. It meets the latest emission standards and is EU 6-compatible.

High-performance pistons from KSPG as trophies

It usually does its job in the Bentley or Audi A8. There, under enormous heat and pressure, the high-tech workpiece provides ample propulsion far away from daylight. It is thanks to the initiative of Harald Koepke - rally organization manager at auto motor und sport and Motor Klassik - that some of the high-performance pistons went astray and made their way to motorists in a detour who also appreciate these precious objects outside of their usual habitat.

Harald Koepke's approach was to create a rather unusual trophy for the auto motor und sport and rallies Motor Klassik to develop. 'Closer to the topic and closer to the participants' was his basic idea. Away from the 'classic' goblet or glass object, towards the automobile fan. On the basis of the briefing, the creatives at Traffic designed different approaches and object variants. In a joint workshop with the customer and agency, the selection was concentrated. The vote for the current cup version was unanimous during the first prototype phase.

Classic material mix

The details make the design. - They create a real tension with the new cups. 'The mix of materials is a decisive factor,' explains Thomas Krug. 'We combine simple, high-quality materials such as wood wool with etched stainless steel plaques and black lacquered onesWooden box with aluminum and, last but not least, we refine the whole thing with screen printing and accentuate it with paper. 'That sounds like a classic mixture of automotive materials.

And so it is. The material combination is reflected in the compact, small Space the dreams of automobile enthusiasts and classic car lovers. A trick that ultimately contributes to the success of the trophies and ensures enthusiasm among the rally winners.

The production and implementation was carried out by Gisela Berger ( WTC-Productions, ) Already on board during the development phase. Thanks to your instinct for prototype and series production, timing and aesthetics, the successful 'spot landing' at the premiere at the award ceremony for the Paul Pietsch Classic Rallye.


The KSPG Group is one of the hundred largest automotive suppliers with a turnover of around 2.5 billion euros in 2014 worldwide. The company has more than 40 production sites in Europe, North and South America as well as in Japan, India and China. It employs a total of more than 11,000 people. KSPG AG is the lead company of the Automotive division within the Rheinmetall Group. The supplier company, which has been active in the international automotive markets for over a hundred years, consists of the three divisions 'Hardparts', 'Mechatronics' and 'Motorservice'.


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