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Silvretta Classic 2013: Starting place auction in favor of United Charity

MAIRDUMONT /Claudia Werel
Silvretta Classic 2013
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Doing good and talking about it: In 2009, media and tourism entrepreneur Karlheinz Kögel founded the S foundation United Charity . Under the umbrella of an auction portal, things and experiences are auctioned, most of which are not for sale. Celebrities like Michelle Hunziker, Bryan Adams or Franz Beckenbauer were auctioned off by the Kögels for a good cause and a meeting with the auction winner. A Mercedes SLS AMG also found a buyer for the total amount of 210,000 euros as the highest single revenue to date.

Motor Klassik and the Silvretta Classic Rallye Montafon are therefore happy to provide a starting place at the Silvretta Classic 2013 for the United Charity auction portal to disposal. Basically, the winnings cannot be paid for with money, as there are no more places for the Silvretta Classic 2013.

The popular oldtimer rally of Motor Presse Stuttgart, in which the Montafon, Switzerland and Liechtenstein will be driven through this year, was hopelessly overbooked after a short time. Since there are only 150 starting places available, many car enthusiasts go away empty-handed with their old and young timers. Nevertheless, there is still a chance to participate in the exclusive rally: Via United Charity , bids can be submitted for a starting place. The participation fee for one car and two occupants is normally 1,850 euros.

This year the Silvretta Classic Rallye Montafon will take place from July 4th to 7th. A total of over 650 kilometers will be driven on these three days. Participants can attend the rally course on July 3rd and relax after the farewell morning pint on July 7th. Except for arrival and departure, overnight stays and fuel, everything is included in the overall package. The prerequisite for participation is an old or youngtimer that is twenty years or older.

The full amount of the auction proceeds goes to the Josef Schörghuber Foundation for Munich Children . The foundation has been working for children from socially disadvantaged families in Munich for more than 15 yearsone. After its establishment in 1995, the foundation was able to enable more than 68,500 children to take part in holiday and leisure activities, school trips and programs at public and cultural institutions with a total of 2.7 million euros.

The social The commitment of the construction company Josef Schörghuber was based on his own childhood experiences. Even his parents could not give him a vacation for a long time. At that time the parish took care of him. He later developed the idea of ​​campaigning for children from socially disadvantaged households and thus expressing his ties to the city of Munich. The focus of the foundation's work is the individual support of needy children and young people.

Bid for a good cause with and win a starting place at the Silvretta Classic Rallye Montafon 2013!


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