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Silvretta Classic 2010: daily results of the first stage

Hardy Mutschler
Silvretta Classic 2010 - Vorarlberg-Lichtenstein stage
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U The first vehicles left on January 10th in Partenen on the track. 188 kilometers of the most beautiful roads through the Alps were on the program - and six special stages as well as the first secret special stage, which caught many people cold.

Special stage 1 'Illufer'

Won the first special stage the two Hungarian starters Zoltàn and Csilia Erdèly on their Jaguar Sovereign 420 from 1968 - deviation equal to 0.00. Karl and Monika Grieshammer also achieved 0.00 in a Lamborghini Espada from 1978. Third place went to the Dutch Jan Coen Johanknegt and Marielle Vehmeyer.

Special stage 2 - double stage 'St. Anton'

Dieter Hegele and Marc P. Lang hit the given time best in the first double evaluation test. They only collected seven penalty points on their 1959 Jaguar XK 150. The second, Gianmaria Aghem and Rossella Conti in a BMW 328, built in 1938, scored 13 penalty points. The third place finishers in SS 2 received 13 penalty points: Luciano Viaro and Enrico Mussinelli in an Audi Urquattro from 1988.

Secret special stage 1

Werner Strähle and Rolf Geissler (1930 Alfa Romeo 6 C 1750 GS), the French Jean-Bernard Fritz and Jean-Bernard Luster (Simca Roux, 1939) and the Hungarians Tamas Pásztor and Peter Majoshazi (1967 Peugeot 404 Pininfarina) mastered the first secret special stage with a deviation of only 0.01 seconds.

Special stage 3 'Rainweg 1'

The seven best placed in the third special stage managed a deviation of only 0.01 seconds. According to the regulations, the oldest cars are ahead: Alan and Tina Beardshaw in MG K3 from 1934, Andreas Golz and Alexis Stückelberger in a Peugeot 402 Eclipse from 1938 and again Gianmaria Aghem and Rossella Conti in a BMW 328 from the same year.

Special stage 4 - mountain special stage 'Vaduz Schloss'

Georg Weidmann and Curt Bloss in a Bentley 4½ liter from 1927 achieved first place with a deviation of 0.02 seconds, followed by Chehab Wahby and Ludwig Voll Porsche 911 RS from 1973 and Jürgen Stolze /Isolde Holderied in a 1975 Toyota TA 22 Celica GT with a deviation of 0.03 seconds each.

Special stage 5 'Rainweg 2'

Chehab Wahby and Ludwig Fully improved and came first in SS 5 (deviation 0.00 seconds). Gary and Karen Hassler on Ford Thunderbird finished second (0.01 seconds) and Luciano Viaro and Enrico Mussinelli came upAudi Urquattro from 1988 third with the same time.

Special stage 6 - short special stage 'Schruns'

In the last stage of the day, three teams took the first three places with the same time rated according to year of construction: Detlef Kloss and Thomas Mächtel in a Mercedes-Benz 300 SL from 1955, Duschi B. Duschletta and Peter Huber in a Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible from 1957 and Thomas Müller and Andre Meier in a Karmann-Ghia Type 14 from 1972.

Daily result 'Vorarlberg-Liechtenstein-Etappe'

With just 53 penalty points, the Italians Gianmaria Aghem and Rossella Conti in a BMW 328 are ahead, followed by Zoltàn and Csilia Erdèly in a Jaguar Sovereign 420 with 87 Penalty points and third place with 111 penalty points, klaus and Karin Steffens in a Porsche 914/4 from 1973.


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