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Sachsen Classic 2016: Göbel / Gandras win the 14th Sachsen Classic

Achim Hartmann
Sachsen Classic 2016
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WP 15: Kürbitz II

T eam VW Classic with Bernd Schweickard and Lara-Louise Tietzke in a VW Passat B1 GLS (start number 44, built in 1977) wins the first special stage (200 m in 29 seconds) on the last day with zero penalty points. The VW Commercial Vehicles Oldtimer team with Prof. Thomas Edig and Dr. Wolfgang K. Eckelt in the VW T2 Bus L Silberfisch (start number 56, built in 1979) also with a clear round. Third place went to the ADAC team with Roberto Urlaß and Michael Sachse in a Mercedes-Benz 220 Cabriolet A (start number 93, built in 1952) with a deviation of one hundredth and thus one penalty point.

WP 16: Straßberger Driving Projects

The 16th WP is set up three times (250 m /44 sec //160 m /22 sec //140 m /22 sec ) and did not make it easy for the participants. Katharina Jahn and Simon Pless took first place in the Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT (start number 145, built in 1965) with 24 penalty points. Johannes Crepon and David Dürr in a Ford Mustang Fastback GT 390 (start number 153, built in 1967) came in second with a deviation of 29 hundredths. Third place with 39 penalty points came Andreas and Michelle Rössel in the Wartburg 311-3 (start number 125, built in 1961).

SS 17 : Pausa /Göltzschtalbrücke

The longest special stage at the Sachsen Classic 2016: 24.74 km in 2,222 seconds. Team besico had calculated perfectly with Uwe Schmidt and André Fissel in the Ford Capri 2.8 Injection (start number 184, built in 1983) and won with zero penalty points. In second place are Thomas Kietsch and Sascha Hartung in the Porsche 911 SC Coupé (start number 179, built in 1982) with two points. Team YellowFox takes third place with Michael Hesse and Tobias Kaboth in a BMW 3200 CS Bertone (start number 129, built in 1965) with 3 penalty points.

SS 18: Blankenhain /Crimmitschau

There is a crazy time instruction on the 18th SS: 2 x 11,200 meters in 999 seconds each, but with a time delay. The winner of this special stage is the VW-Nutzfahrzeuge Oldtimer team with Kai Feyerabend and Christian Schlüter (start number 55, built in 1963) with 8 penalty points. The Motor Presse Stuttgart team, with Jochen Bechtle and Markus Eiberger in the Porsche 928 S Gemballa (start number 116, built in 1986), finished in second place just a hundredth behind. Third place went to Dietmar and Ulrike Gornig in the Audi Quattro (car number 182,Built in 1983) with 10 points.

SS 19: UNION Glashütte

The penultimate SS of the Sachsen Classic 2016 is a challenge with 200 meters in 35 seconds on the steep face of Meerane. Team ADAC with Björn Grämer and Jens Seidel in the Jaguar XJ 6 Sovereign (start number 98, built in 1972) wins with zero penalty points. Torsten Simon and Ivonne Homann in the Volkswagen Golf GLi Cabriolet (start number 111, built in 1987) also make no deviations and thus make second place. Matthias and Werner König in their Chevrolet Corvair Monza (start number 136, built in 1963) come in third with one penalty point.

SS 20: Sachsenring GP route

The Sachsenring has to do the last SS the Sachsen Classic 2016 the GP course with 3.67 km will be repeated in the same time. Thorsten Siems and Susanne Prehn manage this best in a Volvo P 1800 ES (start number 170, built in 1973), who win with 13 penalty points. Petr and Tomas Fiala finished second in the Aston Martin DB 6 (start number 158, built in 1969) with 23 points. The Saxony team with Hans-Günter Schlüter and Burckhard Krotofil in the Triumph TR 6 PI (start number 59, built in 1970) also has 23 hundredths of a deviation. The older vehicle wins, so there is third place for the Sachsen team.

SS 4 Secret: Kürbitz II

YellowFox with Daniel Kaiser and Tom Steiner takes the last Secret SS in the Opel Manta A 1600 S (starting number 130, built in 1971) with zero penalty points. Thomas Lundt and Georg Köhler finished second in the Hudson 33 Mile a Minute Race about (start number 5, built in 1912) with one point. Third place went to Kay and Karina Fischer in a Jaguar MK II (start number 71, built in 1965), also with one penalty point. The older vehicle, in this case the Hudson 33, gets the better rank.

Day 3rd day

Mario and Oliver Böhme in their Ford Mustang Hardtop Coupé (start number 152, built in 1967) won the day on the third stage with 173 penalty points. Second will be Dr. Thomas and Ursula Noth in the Jaguar XK 140 DHC (start number 77, built in 1955) with 192 points. Third place went to the August-Horch-Museum Förderverein team with Ronny Tolliszus and Frank Weidenmüller in the IFA Trabant 1.1 Cabrio (start number 65, built in 1988) with 194 penalty points.

Overall ranking

Peter Göbel and Achim Gandras from the Skoda Classic team win the 14th Sachsen Classic in the Skoda Favorit 'Rallye Monte Carlo' with 569 points. Markus Hendel and Christoph Herbrig from the HVB Private Banking team finished second in the Chevrolet Corvette C2 with 613 points. Third place came Mario and Oliver Böhme in the Ford Mustang Hardtop Coupé with 648 points. Congratulations to the winners!


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