Sachsen Classic 2015: Take it easy in the cockpit

Hardy Mutschler
Sachsen Classic 2015
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Ferrari 330 GT (1965)

With the starting number 75, Volker Wittig and Mrs. Marion were in his Ferrari 3 30 GT on the way. The 4-liter V12 engine produces 300 hp and was one of the reasons that Wittig became aware of the car:

'I've always been looking for such a Ferrari and searched online. Since I was born in '65, I noticed In the USA a red 330 GT from 1965 caught my eye, which I finally bought and had it transported to Germany. ' Volker Wittig bought the Ferrari without having seen and driven it in real life. It looked fantastic in the pictures, but it turned out to be a big construction site. The restoration took four years, but resulted in the Ferrari was recently awarded a 1.8 grade by Classic Data. 'It was a long way to restore and get spare parts, because almost every part that was missing we had to look for and get hold of via Ebay USA. In the meantime, however, we are very happy and satisfied with the car. It is fun; 300 hp from 1965, that's something! '

The V12 engine runs very smoothly and runs wonderfully, says its owner. The overdrive transmission allows the car to glide confidently even when driving on the motorway, because in fourth gear the engine speed is reduced so that the V12 can work absolutely cleanly and quietly. However, Wittig states with a smile: 'He needs 30 liters of petrol, which is not so ideal.' Overall, however, the Ferrari is a beautiful car in which four people can travel comfortably.

The restoration was very complex because the entire vehicle had to be cut open from the sill height. The sills were removed, the underbody came out except for the frame because everything in the USA was cemented up. The photo of the car in the list of participants is the original picture of how the Ferrari was sold. 'In the picture the car looks like a one. But it wasn't a one, it was a five.' Nevertheless, the effort was worth it, says Volker Wittig with satisfaction.

Ferrari 330 GTC(1967)

The Ferrari 330 GTC from 1967 by Hans Schlickum, which like the 330 GT from Volker Wittig is motorized with a 4 liter V12 engine with 300 hp.

' I have that Car bought from a Düsseldorf Ferrari dealer because one of the salespeople retired and offered me his car. It's a beautiful, classic car! I liked the silver color, which is rather unusual for a Ferrari. You don't immediately see that it's a Ferrari. ' The car is very reliable, and the car could not do anything for the ruined oil pan at last year's Sachsen Classic. Schlickum did not hesitate long after the breakdown of his Ferrari and within a very short time acquired a Trabant with which he could continue the rally 'a little underpowered'.

The V12 engine swallows a lot of oil and gasoline, but that is allowed he also: 'A car that does not eat gas has not yet grown up.' Apart from the annual oil change, its owner does not undertake any intensive maintenance measures, because otherwise the Ferrari would be a 'very patient baby'.

Hans Schlickum's fleet is completely silver, but a Porsche 356 in white stands out. With this car, Krefeld won the Shanghai Classic from auto motor und sport China last year. The 356 was also better suited for the roads there than a diva like the 330 GT, which would certainly not have made it to the finish line with the deep exhaust.

Ferrari 400 GTA (1979)

The youngest V12 Ferrari in the field is the GTA 400 by Michael Ernst Linke. The car, built in 1979, has a displacement of 4.8 liters and develops 317 hp.

'I've owned the vehicle for about six years because I also wanted a 12-cylinder Ferrari. I usually drive a Ferrari California , which of course drives differently than the GTA 400. It's nice that cars with the latest technology will soon drive autonomously, but we're going in the other direction, where driving is still fun. ' A criterion for purchasing the GTA 400 was also the price, because a few years ago you could still buy the model for little money. The older Ferraris were already unaffordable by that time. However, the GTA 400 from Linke is slowly going in this direction.

The maintenance of the large engine should not be underestimated: 'A 12-cylinder Ferrari with six Weber double carburetors is always expensive.' The car does its job extremely well, because Linke has already taken part in the Silvretta Classic and the Paul Pietsch Classic several times.


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