Sachsen Classic 2015: Participants 1 to 60

Saxony Classic 2015
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Z ieleinlauf and subsequent presentation of the classic cars at the Sachsen Classic 2015 in Dresden on the Augustus Bridge, not like above in Leipzig on Augustusplatz. But the sixties and seventies are represented again, of course. But presumably the 29 pre-war classics will come to the fore, if only because of their visual presence. This is especially true for the oldest car in the field, the Hudson 33-mile-a-minute raceabout. This optical delicacy, built in 1912, has already seen spring 103 times and should pass as a real old-timer even for the oldest among us - very big cinema.

Big cinema: Back to the future

Apropos cinema: The already 34-year-old DeLorean 12 from 1981 is known from the film 'Back to the Future' The youngest car in the field: a late AC Cobra from 1994. Several hikers from various teams, some Horch, including an ambulance, Trabant, Skoda and Wartburg are typical for the Sachsen Classic. But Americans like Chrysler, Ford, Hudson, Lincoln or Packard also roll through Saxony. You don't get to see exotic species like Delahaye or Invicta, especially not in action. After all, ten Volkswagen Beetles recall the crawling animal that has almost disappeared from everyday traffic.

You can find the participants' vehicles 61 to 120 here, the participants with the starting numbers 121 to 184 can be found here .


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