Ruf Porsche for sale: 993 Turbo R, BTR2, RK Coupé

Gooding & Co auctioned four Ruf Porsches on March 3, 2023: BTR2, Turbo R Coupé and Cabrio based on the 993 and an RK Coupé. One could not find a buyer.

The US auction house Gooding & Company auctioned four Ruf Porsches from a collection on March 3, 2023 in Amelia Island. Three of the four cars found a buyer, the most expensive one costing almost a million dollars.

Ruf BTR2 (1997)

Even before Porsche launched the 993 Turbo in 1995, Ruf had built a turbocharged engine into the rear of the 993: the six-cylinder boxer came from the BTR and, after various modifications, had 420 hp - that's one Touch more than the series turbo. Only about ten were built. Because the standard turbo that came the following year was practically as powerful, but easier to drive with biturbo charging and all-wheel drive.

A BTR2 in speed yellow with black Ruf alloy wheels was sold. The car was built in 1997 and delivered to Japan in 1998. After a short stay in Great Britain the car went to Ruf in Pfaffenhausen to be prepared for export to the USA. According to the description of the auction house, the speedometer currently shows less than 26,000 miles (41,600 km). The selling price was 650,000 US dollars, the equivalent of 611,000 euros.

Ruf Turbo R (1998)

The two Ruf Turbo R from the collection are only one year younger than the BTR2. Both are painted in blood orange. After a later refresher treatment at Ruf in Pfaffenhausen, the six-cylinder biturbo boxer engine of the coupé delivers 560 hp - 110 hp more than a 993 Turbo with factory performance upgrade. Like the factory turbo, the Ruf turbo has a six-speed gearbox and all-wheel drive. Ruf only built 15 coupés – and one convertible. The coupe has 13,800 mls (approx. 22,000 km) on the odometer, the convertible 10,223 miles (16,357 km). While the convertible fetched $925,000 (€869,500), the coupe stayed put.

Ruf RK Coupé (2007)

For the RK Coupé based on the Porsche Cayman, Ruf cooperated with the Italian design studio Studiotorino. While Studiotorino added eye-catching attachments and nostalgic details to the two-door model, Ruf replaced the mid-engine with a supercharged and turbocharged unit. The engine delivers 440 hp. Instead of the planned 49 copies, only two were made. One is at Studiotorino, according to Gooding & Company, and the other was up for sale in Amelia Island as of March 3, 2023. The odometer reads 6,642 miles, which corresponds to 10,689 km. The selling price was 300,000 US dollars, which corresponds to 282,000 euros.


Ruf-Porsche don't come onto the market very often, because there aren't many. Four pieces from a collection are something special: BTR, Turbo R and RK Coupé each represent the fastest that was possible on a Porsche basis in the 1990s and 2000s. In the case of the two Turbo R, there are also special colors and all four cars have low mileage on the speedometers. Three of the four cars were sold, one for nearly a seven-figure sum.


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