Rare celebrity pre-owned Ferrari 288 GTO Evo

Ferrari only built five 288 GTO Evoluzione. One is now for sale. There is a prominent name in the list of previous owners.

The Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione can be quickly explained with three numbers: 940 kg, 659 hp, 367 km/h. With 400 hp, 1,300 kilograms and around 300 km/h, the basic model was one of the fastest cars of the 1980s. The Evoluzione was simply Ferrari's fastest model of the time and is also far rarer than an F40. He's prettier and more famous for it. Because what Michelotto put on the rubber rollers looks brutally functional.

Angular auxiliary headlights and vertical flashing lights in the downward-sloping front and the huge rear wing complement the shape of the 288 GTO, which is only recognizable from the side. The rear is jagged horizontal ventilation slots.

A Ferrari for Group B

How did that come about? Ferrari wanted to put a car on the road for the Group B World Rally Championship in the mid-eighties. The condition for participation was to build 200 production cars. That was the 288 GTO. An evolutionary model was to provide room for improvement, of which 20 units had to be built per year according to FIA regulations. Because Group B was history before Ferrari could take part due to serious accidents, the five evolution models remained.

While the street version was practically sold out during the presentation at the Geneva Motor Show, the evolution models served as the basis for the F40 .

The fourth of five Evo built with chassis number 79888 is currently for sale at RM Sotheby's. The auction house does not give a price. The value of a regular 288 GTO of around 2.9 million euros should only provide a small indication of the much rarer Evoluzione.

The car with chassis number 79888 was completed in 1988 by Ferrari and Michelotto. In December of the same year, Belgian racing driver and entrepreneur Jean Blaton bought it. Under the pseudonym "Beurlys", Blaton drove 15 times with the Belgian team Ecurie Francorchamps in the 1950s, 60s and 70s at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, eleven times with Ferrari and was usually on the podium at the end.

Overhauled and repainted for 133,000 euros

From 1992 to 2006 the Evoluzione belonged to Jaques Sweaters who had delivered the car with his garage Francorchamps. The 288 GTO was then with a British collector who eventually sold it to Canadian billionaire racing team owner Lawrence Stroll. Several changes of ownership later, the car is now back in Europe. Most recently, Michelotto did a complete service in Padua, which cost 133,000 euros and also included a new paint job, from fresh tires to an overhaul of the gearbox. Shock absorbers and brake calipers were overhauled, the water pump and both turbochargers were replaced.


With the Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione, an interesting specimen from the history of the sports car brand is for sale. Even the basic model, which is far more common, is coveted and expensive.


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