Purchase tip Honda CRX 1.6i-VT from € 4,500

Buying tip Honda CRX 1.6i-VT from € 4,500
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E ins was in the early 90s sure: the fattest things had the Honda CRX. Because the mostly young owners screwed their compact athletes in tuning mania powerful stove pipes under the rear. The little Japanese didn't need that, he looked the hottest of all the disco mobiles anyway. The second generation (ED9) in particular perfected the fastback line of the athlete, which was very compact at 3.78 meters.

NSX heritage in the EE8-Honda CRX

There was a suitable engine then in 1990 with the EE8. Thanks to the variable valve control VTEC known from the Honda NSX, the 1.6-liter delivers a hefty 150 hp at 7,600 rpm and pushes 144 Nm to the shaft at 7,100 rpm. With a weight of only around 1,000 kg, the CRX could not only blow away the Golf GTI and Kadett GSi, but also the group of committed BMW 3 Series drivers. The CRX sprints to 100 in less than eight seconds, on the free track it only finishes at well over 220 km /h.

However, the handy CRX was completely superior on the winding country road. The racing chassis is already convincing in series production: all wheels are suspended from double wishbones, direct steering and the wheelbase of 2.3 m ensure extreme maneuverability. The disadvantage: a very narrow limit range.

IM CRX through the USA

The Honda CRX is for beginners a tricky car, but a real source of fun for experienced benders - not least thanks to four effective disc brakes. I became a CRX fan on a ride from Los Angeles to Detroit with numerous national park pass-bys; Back then I got a 1991 drive-away car and tore down more than 2,600 miles in eight days.

The Honda could not even begin to show its potential - the Highway Patrol slowed him and me down permanently and costly. But the little Japanese made a lot of fun on the winding roads, which also exist in the land of dreams.

This is how much a Honda CRX costs

Now Tacheles: A well-maintained Honda Finding a CRX is almost as impossible as a 300 SL in its unrestored original condition. Usually the Japanese has already gone through a considerable number of hands, has been maltreated and challenged, lowered and tuned. Often with questionable results. However, if you have found a 2-CRX state, there is the next problem: The owner wantsnot actually giving it away - and therefore sets the price unrealistically high.

In the list of Classic Analytics, an EE8-CRX in state 2 is 5,000 euros, an ED9 is 4,500 euros - but the prices are usually significantly higher for the reasons mentioned, especially if the 150 hp engine is to be used. In the normal state, i.e. according to the nomenclature grade 4, around 1,600 euros are due in each case.


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