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Purchase advice Mazda RX-7 FD: Wankel tiny with driving pleasure guarantee

Purchase advice Mazda RX-7 FD (1991 to 2002)
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E rst 24 years after his Invention In 1954, Felix Wankel's rotary piston engine found a long-term home: in 1978, the Japanese presented the Mazda RX-7, a sports car with a Wankel engine.

Four generations with a Wankel engine in the Mazda RX-7

During the The first generation has long been a classic, the last RX-7 generation called FD is now also in the focus of collectors. The FD was built from 1991 to 2002. The well-proportioned sports car from the heyday of the Japanese street racers has long conquered the hearts of the tuning and video game community. He also had an appearance in 'Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift'.

The Mazda RX-7 with 240 biturbo hp (the 280 hp variant did not exist in Europe) cost at its introduction 1992 more than 85,000 German marks. Even if the Japanese athlete was thus far below the prices of the competition, the rotary engine coupé was a slow seller. It couldn't have been the driving pleasure.

In the first and only auto motor und sport individual test (17/1992) it says: 'You can feel the strict upbringing of the RX-7 on the racetrack. ' The steering is stiff, the rear axle is agile, and the engine only feels comfortable at high speeds above 4,500 rpm. Transversal ahead of longitudinal dynamics. But even there the Mazda doesn't have to hide, even if the 240 hp are only good for a sprint time of 6.5 seconds to 100 km /h. The RX-7 reaches its maximum output at 6,500 crankshaft revolutions, but then continues to rotate cheerfully and without a drop in performance up to 8,000 rpm. Fascinating hard work for the engine.

The engine as a weak point in the Mazda RX-7

But this results also a problem: The reliability does not meet the expectations of a 85,000 mark expensive sports car because the rotary engine weakens in the long run.

Members of various RX-7 communities (rx7club.com, rx-7.de) report of defective sealing strips. They become porous and thus no longer adequately seal the chambers created by the rotary movement of the pistons, resulting in a loss of performance. In addition, in some FD3S engines, the cooling water enters the combustion chambers. The result: poor starting behavior, both in cold and warm conditions. The 13B-REW engine is still based on that of the first RX-7 generation; it has classic, design-related disadvantages and weaknesseson. These include increased oil consumption and a great thirst for premium gasoline. The high oil consumption is due to the fact that oil is injected into the Wankel engine for lubrication.

As with many old sports cars, attention should also be paid to the synchronization of the individual gears in the RX-7. Third gear in particular should have defective synchronizer rings particularly frequently. The cause is usually too much effort when changing gears.

A Mazda RX-7 as an everyday car?

During the mandatory test drive of the RX-7, it is essential to pay attention to the starting behavior of the engine - jumps if it does not respond well, this could be an indication of impending engine damage. A smooth, smooth engine run is mandatory, jerking is normal when coasting.

It is also important to protect the mechanical components during the warm-up phase. If the engine is not turned over 3,000 rpm and the gears are often changed during the first few kilometers, this is good for the durability of the engine and transmission. Just like the regular visit to the service. Ideally, you will find one of the few workshops with Wankel engine experience. Be careful when changing the oil: Mazda prescribes purely mineral oil for the RX-7, not synthetic. Practical, because mineral oil is cheaper.

This is good, because the Mazda RX-7 is still quite expensive - not necessarily to buy, but to maintain. Due to its really sporty design, it is only partially suitable as an everyday vehicle. The trunk is flat and tiny. You can hardly hold more than a small bag. And long-haul flights are more expensive than some cheap flights because of their consumption.

Great driving pleasure, high maintenance costs, high fascination

It is also possible to import the left-hand drive RX-7 from the USA. The offer is much more extensive there than in this country. However, it is also much more difficult to check the exact history of the vehicle. But what do you not do for the last of his kind?


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