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Purchase advice Audi 100 C1 (F104): The original hundreds from Audi

Frank Herzog
Audi 100 C1 (F104) purchase advice
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A udi had just changed hands Moved from a two-stroke to a four-stroke when a developer around Ludwig Kraus secretly developed a new model: The Audi 100 was to become a second mainstay and initially remain a secret. Because developments that went beyond the F 103, mother Volkswagen had not allowed the subsidiary Audi.

A beautiful successful model

A plastillin model of the F 104 was behind a curtain in the development department . After Audi boss Rudolf Leiding discovered the car, VW boss Heinrich Nordhoff also had to be inaugurated. He went about the car, said: “A beautiful, a very beautiful car” and approved development and production. A second life began for the Audi brand, it is the ancestor of the new Audi A6 and became a successful model, almost 800,000 of which were built by 1976.

Engines from 80 to 100 hp

Although the first Audi 100 (C 1) was developed as the F 104 and thus continued the sequence of digits of the two-stroke engine taken over from DKW, technically it only has the engine in common with the smaller models. The four-cylinder with atypically high compression initially had a displacement of 1.8 liters and 90 or 100 hp. In August 1969, a variant with 80 hp was added. The new top model Audi 100 GL followed in September 1971 with a displacement of 1.9 liters and 112 hp. This engine comes from the Audi 100 Coupé S and drives the sedan to a top speed of 180 km /h.

Model updates 1973 and 1974

In September 1973, the Audi got a facelift with spring struts instead of torsion bar suspension on the rear axle, a modified grille, new headlights and taillights. In October 1974 the front axle was converted to a negative scrub radius. The two circles of the brake system split diagonally instead of the two axles.


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