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Precious Ford: brakes made of gold and diamond headlights

Brakes made of gold and diamond headlights
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W Ann was the last time you described a Ford Escort as an exclusive piece of jewelery? Unless you're a used car seller, it might have been a while. We would be happy to provide a remedy and introduce you to a very special representative of the compact sedan from Ford. One on a scale of 1:25. Of gold. And precious stones.

The British jeweler Russell Lord put thousands of hours of work over 25 years into the production of the piece of jewelery. Why he chose an escort as a template is explained by the fact that the passionate car collector himself owns 55 real copies. For his noble model making project, he decided precisely on a Ford Escort Mk2 factory rally vehicle from the late 70s.

Impressive material price

However, this very special Ford is more precious than none another. The body is made of silver; the brakes, the spoiler, the wheels and the hood hinges are made of gold. The radiator grille is made from 18-carat white gold, the headlights from diamonds, the indicators from orange sapphires and the taillights from rubies. The material price alone is 90,000 euros.

For charitable purposes, the model is now on the Internet at www.themarket.co.uk . So if you are a passionate Ford Escort lover, pull out the checkbook on May 2nd.


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