Porsche reprints operating instructions

Porsche prints operating instructions
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M Some people never pick them up, others study them from first to last page and sometimes operating instructions are simply lost during the life of a car. Porsche has now reissued 700 operating instructions, 150 of them in German. The documents correspond to 'the original in terms of print, appearance and quality', promises Porsche.

Operating instructions for 911, 924, 928, 959 and 356

Even the on-board literature for the 959 is available , the magazine costs 122.96 euros. For almost all other operating instructions, Porsche charges 74.35 euros. Each one is a color scheme, the typography and layout a testimony to its time: the titles of the first two 924 years are bright green, those for the 928 S from model year 1980 are in serious Bordeaux red and the later ones in silver gray p> Porsche also offers care passes and warranty and maintenance booklets. Then there are the so-called 'TyMaTos' - there are types, dimensions and tolerances listed: If you are looking for setting values ​​for the engine and chassis or exact body dimensions, you will find them in the booklets with the title 'Types, dimensions, tolerances'.


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