Porsche Meeting Bangkok 2023: photos and information

"The Meeting" attracts Porsche owners from all over Southeast Asia to Bangkok once a year. We will show you which treasures from Zuffenhausen have found a new home on the other side of the world.

Porsche has been selling cars in Thailand for 30 years. Although the tropical paradise with its humid climate and bumpy roads is not necessarily the ideal spot for sports cars, an active fan scene for the Stuttgart brand has developed here. Thanks to the passion of organizer Sihabutr "Tenn" Xoomsai, Porsche enthusiasts have been gathering their treasures in Bangkok once a year since 2016.

Because it is a German brand, the meeting is simply called "The Meeting". All models are welcome here – from the 911 to the Cayenne, from old to new, from the original condition to a tuning craft shop. Generations of Porsche owners bring generations of Porsche vehicles together for one big party.

Colorful Porsche hustle and bustle

Not only Porsche owners from the area around the Thai capital can be seen here regularly. The passion for the Swabian brand is so great that many owners do not shy away from longer journeys. The six-hour event was held on January 15, 2023 for the seventh time and has since blossomed into the largest Porsche gathering in Southeast Asia.

This year's big gathering at Impact Speed ​​Park was themed "Dreams in Colours", expressing the colorful variety of vehicles and their owners. In keeping with the theme, the organizers set up colorfully painted containers that served as the background for photo sessions.

Rare 911s in Thailand

Participants were also able to compete with their vehicles in the so-called "Gymkhana Zone" in a time trial. A children's driving school has even been set up for the youngest members of the Porsche family. Visitors had the best overview of the hustle and bustle from a rooftop lounge.

Of course, the focus of interest was the large number of vehicles on display, including very rare models such as a 911 Speedster in oak green metallic and a 911 F model in burgundy red. Our impressions in the picture gallery show what else "The Meeting" had to offer.


In Thailand's humid climate, it is certainly not easy to keep old Porsche models alive for decades. It is a testament to the passion and effort of the owners that the many classics present themselves in such immaculate condition when they meet in Bangkok every year.


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