Porsche Carrera GT fetches $2 million at auction

An almost new Porsche Carrera GT was auctioned at bringatrailer.com for a record price. The super sports car has only driven 400 kilometers.

A Porsche Carrera GT was rare and expensive even as a new car: Porsche only built 1,270 copies from 2003 to 2006 in Leipzig. The super sports car cost 452,400 euros new. A good 15 years later, everything has become more expensive, including the Carrera GT: budget for at least 800,000 euros today. Some cars are even significantly more expensive. A Carrera GT that was auctioned on January 18 can be found on the US auction platform bringatrailer.com.

Carrera GT for 2 million dollars

The Porsche with the chassis number WP0CA29815L001274 apparently had a tranquil life: First delivered to St. Petersburg in Florida, the car spent most of its time in the US state of Kansas. The sports car obviously didn’t get around much there: When it was auctioned off by Gooding & Co. during the Amelia Island auction in 2018, the mileage counter was almost three digits: 109 miles (174 km) were in the catalogue. The retail price at the time was $918,500 (€743,985). Three years later, a dealer from Naperville near Chicago bought the car.

During the last maintenance a year ago, 18,000 dollars (14,904 euros) were invested. According to the description, the workshop in Columbus, Ohio replaced the water pump, V-belt, spark plugs, tires including tire pressure sensors and the starter battery. Various filters and oils were also changed.

The car comes with the original luggage set in the interior color terracotta. The customer also checked the free options air conditioning and radio. The Porsche is painted in GT Silver Metallic. A relatively fresh service, only 400 kilometers driven and everything is there, right down to the delivery documents, keys and original accessories - a car for collectors. With the corresponding price tag: the auction platform calls the sale price 2 million US dollars. Converted, this corresponds to 1.76 million euros.


One million euros in one year - this Porsche Carrera GT was auctioned at bringatrailer.com for that much more. For this money there would normally be two of them - but then they wouldn't have a three-digit mileage.


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