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Porsche 964 Cabrio: First 911 convertible with all-wheel drive

Porsche 964 Cabrio
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Completely new chassis with coil springs instead of torsion bars

E n the 1980s, the era finally came to an end when drivers of fast sports cars often had to forego comfort and only with a lot of experience and perhaps even courage could explore the limits of their bolide. That is why the 911 Carrera 4 (type 964) introduced at the beginning of 1989 has a standard, electronically controlled all-wheel drive and a completely new chassis with conventional coil springs instead of the previously used torsion bars.

The one with double ignition, sequential injection and a two-stage The 3.6-liter boxer equipped with a resonance intake system now delivers 250 hp. The Motronic also controls the oscillating pipe of the resonance system in the intake system, which can be switched on and off. From 80 km /h, a rear spoiler disguised as an engine ventilation grille also moves upwards so that the new Carrera 4 can reach its top speed of 260 km /h without hesitation.

Porsche 964 with 1.15 km cable and 48 E-motors

According to its own admission, Porsche has therefore installed 1,150 meters of cable harness, 1,433 plug connections, 48 ​​electric motors, 41 fuses and 27 switching devices as well as 18 electromagnets in the new Porsche 911 - not counting the electric convertible top that will be available later /p>

The open, still classic Porsche 964 911 - now without the accordion bumpers - only came in October 1989 with the introduction of the 911 Carrera 2 without all-wheel drive. Until then, convertible customers have to be content with the predecessor. Because the 964 Carrera weighs 280 kilograms less than its all-wheel-drive counterpart, it is slightly superior to it in sprints up to 100 km /h.

964 convertible requires manual work

The convertible roof, which is also available for the Porsche 911 Carrera 4, is now electrically operated free of charge. However, the tarpaulin still has to be attached to the body by hand in the old roadster manner, pushing a button at a time.

The Porsche 911 Turbo as a 964 model with 320 hp does not come until January 1991 - without all-wheel drive. In contrast to its predecessor built up to then, there is no longer a convertible version. All that remains is the turbo look (without rear spoiler), which is available for the Carrera 2 convertible in 1992 and 1993. In the USA this version is marketed as the 'American Roadster'. A total of 1,532 pieces will be produced.

Need for Speedster

The Porsche 911 Carrera 2 Speedster with a short windshield, only offered in 1993, is already a collector's item. Its hand-operated hood can be found under a flap. 936 copies were made. A similar Speedster model was already available in 1989 in the G-model look.

So if you opt for an open-top Porsche 964, you get a rock-solid convertible with lots of high-tech, which hobbyists can quickly overcome . It is therefore all the more important to get a workshop-maintained example.

You have to know that about the Porsche 911 Cabrio 964 (1989 to 1993)

  • New front - and rear end: the basic shape of the predecessor has remained the same. However, the bumpers are better integrated into the body. Black baffles and bellows have disappeared. Large indicator lights.
  • New front suspension: The drive train for the front axle requires a new design without torsion bars. Now wishbones and McPherson struts. Engine oil tank (dry sump lubrication) in the front area.
  • Electronic all-wheel drive system: ABS sensors on the wheels regulate the slip on the hydraulically controlled axle locks. The center differential distributes the drive force in a ratio of 31: 69 (front /rear), as is typical of the 911.
  • New rear suspension: Here the torsion bar suspension has been replaced by a trailing arm rear axle with spring struts. Aluminum disc wheels, front 6 x 16 inches, rear 8 x 16 inches. Also new: the rear spoiler that folds up at 80 km /h
  • engine completely redesigned: six-cylinder boxer, air-cooled. Now 3.6 liters and 250 hp. Double ignition, intake manifold injection, digital engine electronics, resonance intake system, low-noise partial engine encapsulation

The strengths of the Porsche 964 convertible

The Porsche 964 still has the classic 911 shape and an air-cooled boxer in the rear. The interior with a classic 911 dashboard is also on board. In addition, the 964 impresses with its stable engine, its rust-resistant body and the very good workmanship. Its driving characteristics are particularly well balanced with all-wheel drive. Despite all the sportiness, it is relatively comfortable - even on long journeys.

The weaknesses of the Porsche 964 Cabriolet

In the Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Cabrio in particular, a lot of electronics switch and operate, which can spoil driving a 911 in the event of a malfunction. Compared to its predecessor, increased maintenance costs must be expected. Optical petitesse for 964 drivers: the open top in the VW Beetle style looks a bit old-fashioned.

This is how much a Porsche 964 convertible costs

Anyone interested in an open-top Porsche 964 According to Classic Analytics, you have to reckon with around 39,000 euros for a copy in state 2. It is irrelevant whether theElfer has rear-wheel or all-wheel drive - the price is on the same level. But the second driven axle is definitely noticeable in the maintenance. The purchase of an all-wheel drive 964 should therefore be carefully considered and calculated. Moderately maintained Porsche 964 convertibles in condition 4 cost around 14,000 euros.


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