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Oldtimer, from P orsche especially, as is generally known, tend towards a certain price intensity. With certain models, however, that's a baseless understatement, and it doesn't have to be James Dean. It is also sufficient to be one of 292 959s built to achieve the equivalent of a very spacious apartment in a very upscale location. Depending on the history of the previous owner, the free availability of a seven-digit euro sum is an advantage before entering into the price negotiations.

The radical super sports car with its register charging system using two turbochargers, which was revolutionary for the time, was developed as a homologation model for works vehicles to be able to use it in various competitions. The all-wheel drive Porsche 959 not only celebrated Two victories at the Dakar Rally, as a Group B vehicle it also heated up the competition in other rally competitions.

Under four seconds to one hundred

The biturbo develops 450 hp -Boxer, we measured 3.8 seconds to 100 km /h in 2017 with a historic test car. These are values ​​with which, even 30 years after the start of sales, 'the tears of emotion flow horizontally to your ears', to quote a very famous 959 pilot (see picture gallery).

Tears in them However, Porsche fans tend to get their eyes on the auction item described here for other reasons. Because the silver 959, serial number WP0ZZZ95ZHS900075, already looks badly torn. Just like what a Porsche sometimes looks like when the driver first runs out of talent and then the road. The auction text does not know whether he once kissed a concrete pole or a tree.

Porsche 959 at a bargain price

In return, the buyer not only gets an exclusively shaped stem (material mix: aluminum and Kevlar plastic), but also a low-mileage car - just 3,657 miles are on the speedometer of the US model. In addition to the existence of the original on-board tools, the existing spare wheel is also helpful, because one is missing in the front right. There the noble front swing arm rests on a disdainful iron frameFurniture castors, the achievable cornering speed should currently be manageable.

The future owner does not only have to bring a good dose of endurance in financial terms (the repair costs might exceed the equivalent of one or the other brand-new Porsche). The interior color in lively 80s burgundy is also a certain challenge when you get in directly after breakfast.

estimate not reached

The unlucky silver was sold for 420,000 US dollars, the equivalent of 365,500 euros, as part of an auction by the auction house Mecum. The estimate was between $ 450,000 and $ 550,000 ..


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