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Porsche 911 SC-L 3.1 driving report: Unknown 911 with more steam

Hans-Dieter Seufert
Porsche 911 SC-L 3.1 driving report
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D he goddess Fortuna is known to show herself like moody - but sometimes luck hits the right one. In this case Martin Gstrein, 34 years young and cook in a magical Tyrolean inn. The Austrian can already look back on an impressive classic career: 'The passion began with a 1965 Volkswagen, which in turn led me to a 1951 pretzel beetle,' says Martin Gstrein.

After that, things should go a little faster: On the The first Porsche 911 SC was followed by a 964, then a 993, then again a Carrera 3.2 and a SC, and in between there was also a 356. But the Ötztal native was looking for something rarer, more unusual - and found what he was looking for at a dealer around the corner the first owner wanted to sell a 1979 Porsche 911 SC-L 3.1.

But what is that, a Porsche 911 SC-L 3.1? 'Nobody in my circle of friends knew such a car, so I thought: exactly my thing,' says Martin Gstrein and adds: 'The car also had sports seats and these wonderful additional headlights from Cibié.'

All documents from that rare 911 available

The decisive factor, however, was the very good, completely original condition of the car with a good 180,000 kilometers of mileage - and the complete documentation including all invoices from the hand of the first owner, a pharmacist from Gräfeling near Munich. He had ordered the Porsche 911 SC Coupé, 3.0 liter, 180 hp, in Grand Prix white on December 20, 1978 from the Porsche dealer Sepp Greger in Dachau. Base price: 38,348.21 marks net.

In addition, the pharmacist wanted eleven extras, including limited-slip differentials, alloy wheels, sports seats and a leather steering wheel. Final price including delivery fee (self-collection) and 12 (!) Percent VAT: 49,513.12 Marks, payable when picked up in mid-June. So far, so good - but on May 28, 1979, before the delivery of the Porsche 911, the Graefelinger ordered an increase in output from Sepp Greger from 180 to 210 hp, price: 6,900 marks.

Increase in performance to 210 hp

The interesting thing about it: this performance increase kit was only officially available from 1981. “However, Porsche has always had special requests common ”, explains Dieter Landenberger, head of the Porsche archive:“ Even for the early 356 with 1300 cm3, one was thought to have been developed by FuhrmannCamshaft ready, which produced five horsepower - which was a clear advantage in club races at the time. ”

The kit for the Porsche 911 SC, however, was much more complex: the cylinders of the turbo with 97 mm bore including Mahle pistons resulted with an unchanged 70.4 mm stroke, 3122 cm3 displacement, plus a higher compression, changes to the injection system and a larger oil cooler. Result: 210 hp, as much as the original Carrera from 1973, but already at 5,800 tours. The kit must have been in circulation as early as 1978, because there was also a clean performance curve for the operating instructions and the advice to fill up with 98 octane in any case.

Porsche factory documents destroyed

And of course a former racing driver like Sepp Greger knew what fine parts were available in the factory and informed corresponding customers. How many Porsche 911 SC are strengthened to 210 hp is unknown. 'Unfortunately, the documents from that time were destroyed,' Landenberger regrets. It couldn't have been many, after all, the 3.2-liter was available from model year 1984 onwards.

On these pages, the Porsche 911 SC-L is completely unique thanks to the paintwork that the first owner had one day after the Ordered collection from Walter Maurer, and he had Sepp Greger assemble, among other things, the Cibié headlights and additional instruments. What do you do with such a rare piece? 'Treat well,' says Martin Gstrein: 'So far I've driven around 2,500 kilometers with it, and I prefer to enjoy the sight of it in the garage.'

Fortuna has obviously chosen well: Martin Gstrein will ride the Porsche 911 Watch out for SC-L 3.1 and save it for posterity.


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