Porsche 911 (964 C2) Strosek Mega 30 anniversary model

Traditional tuner Vittorio Strosek revives the "Mega". This time the 911 doesn't come as a Speedster, but as a coupe.

It's been 30 years since Vittorio Strosek transformed the Porsche 911 (964) into a conversion called "Mega". The designer and tuner is taking this anniversary as an opportunity to launch a new edition, limited to 30 units, entitled "Mega 30". The 911 conversion basically follows the tried and tested principle, but has undergone some modernization, for example in the design of the wheel rims and the headlights. The slightly pinched look of the Mega Speedster from 1994, for example, is not experiencing a renaissance - instead, modern headlights with LED daytime running lights adorn the front of the converted 964. The anniversary model made its debut at the Classic Porsche Meeting in the Drivers Club of Motorworld Munich.,

Up to 450 PS

A classic ingredient of Strosek creations: wide construction. The fenders inflate in such a way that the 19-inch wheels can be comfortably accommodated in the wheel arches. For the tires, Strosek relies on Michelin Pilot Sport 4S (245/30 at the front and 295/25 at the rear). Rubber and body move closer together thanks to the coilover suspension (KW V3). The height and hardness of the chassis can be adjusted, and stabilizers from H&R are also used.

In addition to the lateral dynamics, the tuner is also dedicated to the longitudinal dynamic qualities of the Zuffenhausen classic. So there is an increase in performance up to 450 hp in the catalogue. Even in the smallest configuration, the Mega 30 achieves 300 hp (series: 250 hp) thanks to sports camshafts, new intake, optimized engine control, 100-cell catalytic converter and sports exhaust system. As a further option, Strosek offers a manual six-speed gearbox.,

Externally, the Mega 30 also differs from the original with aero exterior mirrors and a redesign at the rear with a roof spoiler, rear spoiler attachment and rear wing hood. Inside, Recaro bucket seats meet carbon panels, Alcantara and leather. The driver grabs a Momo steering wheel and a specially made ball head on the shift lever. A Clubsport roll bar moves in behind the seats and has a black finish to match the seat consoles. The Strosek Mega 30 can be ordered now, prices start at around 300,000 euros and – unlike the coupé – are open-ended.,


Will we ever get tired of the 964 conversions? If they all drive up as smartly as the Strosek Mega 30, it's unlikely. It's just a shame that such coherent packages always have to be limited.


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