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Plymouth Road Runner (1971): Mecum is auctioning a single item

Plymouth Road Runner (1971) auction
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D he 1971 Plymouth Road Runner Rapid Transit, which Mecum is auctioning off in Indy in mid-May, comes from a muscle car collection that ranges from the 1975 Opel Manta to the 427 Shelby Cobra. The car collector Steven Juliano has put together a 'remarkable collection' of muscle cars, explains the auction house. The orange road runner is said to have been one of his favorite pieces. Tuner Chuck Miller had rebuilt the model built in 1970 for Chrysler. They sent the coupé on a road show. It hasn't driven much: the unrestored vehicle has 1,300 miles on the clock.

Individualized body

The front, which is around 15 centimeters longer, is fitted with headlights with caps in a black wire mesh grill. On the side of the fenders there are eponymous position lights in the form of the cartoon character from Warner Bros. Chrysler bought the rights from the cartoon studio. The Road Runner is painted in orange, with white stripes following the contours of the body. The front is low, the rear is a little higher. A rear spoiler is integrated in the trunk lid. The rear lights are also covered with transparent plastic. Under the bonnet is a 383-ci-V8 with a four-way carburettor with a displacement of 6.8 liters and around 330 SAE horsepower.


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