Paul Pietsch Classic 2018: The rolling museum

Paul Pietsch Classic 2018
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A us from large parts of the beautiful city of Offenburg come the audience, to take a look at their automotive dreams of days gone by. “This year Paul Pietsch would celebrate his 107th birthday. Organizers and participants from all over Europe will be there to follow the traces of the former Black Forest to explore his homeland - a warm welcome to Offenburg and Ortenau ”, says the Lord Mayor of Offenburg, Edith Schreiner, welcoming her well-traveled guests.

Always surprising routes

Marcel Sommer
Joachim Winkelhock looks forward to the Paul Pietsch Classic every year.

The special thing about such a classic car rally is not just the fact that the entire entourage resembles a traveling museum. It is rather the human closeness to one another and also the spontaneous contact between viewers and participants. Ex-racing driver Joachim Winkelhock knows at least one other reason why the Paul Pietsch Classic is one of the highlights of the classic car year: “The organizers of the Paul Pietsch Classic manage to plan routes over and over again, which I too, who actually don't lives far away, is completely unknown, ”he enthuses on the first evening.

We have known each other very well for years

Marcel Sommer
Peter-Paul Pietsch and Patricia Scholten personally welcomed their guests to the Black Forest.

An evening that couldn't be more personal. Because with Dr. Patricia Scholten and Peter-Paul Pietsch personally welcome the most prominent participants to their guests. With delicious food and the finest drinks, exciting conversations take place until late in the evening that have long since exceeded the value of a simple petrol talk. “Everyone knows each other”, could be the headline of this beautiful introductory evening.

First results are available

The first stage takes the 107 vehicles and crew to Elzach. For over 268 kilometers it goes through valleys, over fields and along the most beautiful roads in the Black Forest. One of the highlights of the first day is the third of a total of six special tests (plus one secret test). Because at the Winzeln-Schramberg airfield, which is normally used by gliders and small motorsport aircraft, the participants have to give their best sense of time. Whether and how well they did is in the result lists to be read. Have fun with every participant in the photo gallery and on a good second stage!


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