Paul Pietsch Classic 2015: Overview of all participants

Paul Pietsch Classic 2015
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2 011 took place the Paul Pietsch Classic on the 100th birthday of the publisher and racing driver Paul Pietsch, who was still personally present at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart at the finish line. At the 4th Paul Pietsch Classic, a fleet of important automobiles from more than seven decades will take part in his memory, in keeping with the eponym. The rally is traditionally opened by a Bugatti Type 35 from 1926, brought to the start by Paul Pietsch's children, the Dr. Patricia Scholten and Peter Paul Pietsch.

The complete starting list 2015 and the regulations of the Paul Pietsch Classic 2015 are available as PDF for download on our new Eventportal and here on this page, you can find all participating teams and vehicles in the photo gallery.


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