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Rossen Gargolov
Jaguar MK IX in check
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D he body check:

The Jaguar Mk IX has two predecessors, the Mk VII and Mk VIII, with an almost identical body but a smaller 3.4 liter engine. Here you have to make sure that you don't sit on a fake. The only difference to the direct predecessor are the four disc brakes in addition to more displacement.

Thanks to their ladder frame, the sedans are relatively rust-resistant and easy to restore. Alarm zones (also as spatula areas) are at Jaguar Mk IX the lamp frames, position lights, rear wheel arches, tank shafts and the rear area with cavities for the two side fuel tanks. An original, slightly worn leather interior is preferable to a new one.

Rossen Gargolov
The under-square designed 3.8-liter in-line six-cylinder with its 223 HP and 326 Nm ensures sovereign progress.

The technical check:

With the 3.8 liter engine, Jaguar has the previous problems such as missing crankshaft seal or undersized chain tensioner. The long-stroke engine of the Jaguar Mk IX is considered to be durable and robust if it is regularly serviced and does not have to survive long full-throttle stages.

Good maintenance includes, above all, a regular oil change (10.8 liters) and checking the valve clearance . When readjusting it musthowever, the two camshafts are removed. Because the thermal reserves are rather scarce, it is advisable to retrofit an additional electric fan on the Jaguar Mk IX.

Rossen Gargolov
Inside, the aristocratic jaguar convinces with a lot of leather and even more wood.

Because of it With many identical components in the drive area with the sporty XK models, the spare parts supply for the Jaguar Mk IX is no problem. The situation is more difficult with authentic body and chrome parts that match the model year.

Prices and conclusion :

According to the Classic Analytics price, the Jaguar MK I X in state 2 at around 41,000 euros. Moderate, ready-to-drive big cats start at 11,000 euros. The selection on the German market is very manageable, so it is worth taking a look at the island. There are significantly more vehicles there, but good MK IXs rank at a similarly high price level.

The Jaguar Mk IX is a classic that pampers - with wood, leather and the certainty of driving a state-owned luxury sedan. With every trip you will have the feeling that the Queen is driving around in the rear, the atmosphere is so aristocratic. For what is offered, the Jaguar Mk IX is still quite cheap, and the technology is robust and reliable with regular maintenance. And thanks to the 223 hp and 326 Nm there is no feeling of lack of power.


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