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Opel Corsa GSI from € 3,300: Opel's small car riot bag

Opel Corsa GSI from € 3,300
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D he Opel Corsa B was rounder. The A, built until 1993 with these slightly flared wheel arches, more angular. So just right, if you will. VW had been practicing little things with the Polo since 1975, Ford had been doing the same with the Fiesta since 1976. Opel only rounded off its model range with the Corsa A six years later.

It took another six years until 1988, when three letters connected Opel's smallest car with a very big promise: GSI. The abbreviation, introduced in 1984 with the Kadett E, still arouses expectations that only an Opel like the first Corsa can meet.

Underdog of the sporty small cars

Precisely because it has not become the perfectly functioning small sports car that is fully developed to the last. But because shirt sleeves cling to him. For God's sake that doesn't mean the Opel Corsa A GSI is badly made. On the contrary. It is so good because with its 1.6-liter teat and two-valve technology, it is not the strongest or fastest in its class.

It gives space to the charm and appeal of the underdog. From September 1990 the Opel Corsa GSI with a cat in the exhaust failed to hit the prestigious 100 hp mark. The C16SEI engine tuned by Irmscher brings it to 98 hp. From April 1992 the C16SE with Kat has the same power as the first engine variant E16SE without: 101 HP.

Power is relative with the Corsa GSI - easy to find

The engines differ Camshafts, intake and ignition as well as compression. The E and the SEI are more suitable for teasing out a bit more performance. On the other hand: The C20XE from the Kadett GSI 16V also fits in the engine compartment. 150 hp. That's it: The Corsa GSI gives you stupid thoughts. Great car.

The Opel Corsa GSI has already passed through the valley of tears, but it is still relatively cheap - if you can get one. Many of the original Corsa A GSI did not survive. Either they were blown or tuned with more or less great success. Well-maintained condition 2-GSI cost from around 3,300 euros. Tinkered tuning dummies and copies used in youthful recklessness cost from around 600 euros.


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