Olme Spyder from 2010: Swedish roadster with diesel

Students from the Swedish Umea University built this open two-seater in 2009. Now the Olme Spyder with an Opel engine and street legal is being auctioned off.

The fingers of one hand are not quite enough to list all Swedish convertibles: Saab 900 I, 900 II, 9-3, Volvo 1900, C70 I and C70 II. A seventh is almost unknown: The Olme Spyder, built by Umea University students in 2009.

Fun car with learning effect

The yellow two-seater was created to help students better understand the design process from sketch to finished car. Because the Olme Spyder is an open car, the students were given the task of designing the interior and exterior. The material was sponsored by Ove Bengtsson, an engineer with a heart for homebuilt cars. Bengtsson also specified what he wanted from the roadster – so there was also something like a specification.

Designers from Saab and Volvo helped the students. They sketched the design with pen and paper, created renderings of the interior and exterior on the computer, built several smaller clay models and a large wooden model and finally milled the chassis with a CNC machine. Because the car wasn't just going to be a show car, but was supposed to drive legally on the road, it had to comply with legal regulations.

Opel diesel with 88 hp

The one-off that can be registered celebrated its premiere at the Elmia Custom Motor Show. On July 27, 2010, the Olmea Spyder was registered for road use with registration number CLH 827. Between the passengers and the rear axle is an ordinary drive in an unusual position: Opel used the 1.3-liter direct injection engine in the Agila, among others. The 88 hp diesel from the narrow and tall van produces 88 hp with the rustic sound of farm equipment. The driver and front passenger sit directly in front of them on a kind of sunny yellow terrace: the windscreen barely reaches the height of the seat shells, and instead of doors there are deep entrances.

Ove Bengtsson, who drove Hyundai i30 and Suzuki Alto every day, used his Spyder in the summer and drove it until 2016. The student roadster is now for sale at the Swedish auction house Bilweb Auctions. An inspection and a general inspection are due, the speedometer is at 26,500 kilometers. The estimated price is 120,000 to 150,000 Swedish crowns, the equivalent of 11,650 to 14,560 euros.


Students built a roadster in Sweden to help them better understand design processes - and the sponsor wanted a car for fun. The diesel engine adds economy. An interesting mix that interested parties can now bid on.


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