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Oldtimer prices 2018: BMW 3.0 CSI 46.7 percent more expensive

Oldtimer prices 2018
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I m On average, the prices for vintage cars in 2018 rose little more than the inflation rate: market watcher Classic Analytics found an increase of 2.2 percent. A moderate increase in a long-term comparison: since 1999 the German Oldtimer Index, which Classic Analytics determines for the VDA, has increased by 160 percent.

BMW, VW and Opel increased in value

individuals in 2018 However, models became significantly more expensive last year: 'The BMW 3.0 CSi experienced a jump in value last year,' explains Classic Analytics. One reason may be that only 441 vehicles of this type are registered in Germany. A 3.0 CSi in state 2 currently costs around 67,500 euros. The BMW 2002 also became more expensive, which suggests strong demand. Bread-and-butter cars like VW Beetle and Opel Kadett also increased in value. With the Wartburg 353W, an Ostauto can be found in the top 10 of the greatest increases in value - the opposite pole to the Buick Riviera Coupé, which is also one of the 10 cars with the greatest increase in value and was just under 13% more expensive last year. What the more expensive oldtimers have in common is that they come from the 60s and 70s.

The Association of the German Automobile Industry (VDA) and Classic Analytics have been determining the value development of common oldtimers in a price index of 88 since 1999 contains representative vehicles and weighted depending on their registration numbers.


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